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  • @dalisdair LOL! Yes... I'll do 25% because my markup is 500% also because I am a good person.

  • With the new footpads not being compatible with the V1 and the original footpads being sold out, what happens if I buy the tune up + reload pack that is supposed to come with new footpads? Do they just do everything but swap out the footpads or are they not offering that service at all now?

  • @T-CAT when you order, a sales order is put together including all the items that need to ship which will be used for order fulfillment.

  • That's good to know. Thanks Franky

  • I've also got a new spare set of v1 footpads. I'll sell them for the LOW PRICE of $499 WITH FREE SHIPPING! But that's not all, order within the next hour and it will ship within two days rather than the normal four weeks! ORDER NOW!

  • @carefreefamily If I got a 1500 dollar present at 13 years old and then bitched because I didn't get the newest and most up to date model and had a little cry fest I would be eating that present and probably sleeping outside for a few weeks. Come on man the V1 is literally one of the coolest presents you could ever get for a teenager. Not many can say they have one. It's called life shit happens get over it. All these D-Bags coming on the forums crying that FM should have consulted them personally before they dared to release an updated model need to rethink their priorities because I think there is more wrong.

  • My dilemma is, do I open my v1 I'm about to pickup at ups or wait to see about return and order the + to wait longer and hope it comes in February? Any thoughts from longtime owners of the OG? Footpath sound hit or miss on the v1 which is my only real concern....and the power of the new motor sounds sweet since I'm not bigger guy (230lbs)

  • @ahxe45
    Read everything or leave that guy alone. It was 1 onewheel for three kids and it's obvious that they are a bit sad, cause for them it's even more hard earned money than for us. Plus, the elder one already had the money a year ago but was talked into a more intelligent investment by his parents, who now feel a bit guilty too.

  • And claiming it's a ferrari instead of a gti and making the same move as volkswagen: facelift, few more horsepower like every new model. I can't hear it anymore, the commercial is almost the same as the first one, only kyle has come a long way. Built like a tank and some time after, you get left behind. We'll see what the future will bring. And goodies are no discount, get that confusing marketing right. It's not a discount for someone who doesn't want that bag or a silver or gold membership of what... we already felt so special. Signed: stoked v1 owner and still will be

  • @engelyve I read every comment and to be honest I really don't care. you guys need to go somewhere else and cry. You think it was easy for me to put up 1500 in this past summer? No I don't think so. Now it is worth less because they came out with a new model.... Just like my car..... Just like my phone...... Just like my TV..... Just like my PS4...... Just like everything else that is technology oriented is obsolete in months and sometimes weeks after purchase.....

  • @engelyve also if you call being given $500 dollars at thirteen hard earned money I don't know an easier way to get money.............................................................................................................................................................

  • @ahxe45 just doesn't happen with ferrari's... and if it really raises to almost 2000$, ours keep our value. ;) just sayin, overhyped for 3mph more, suppose you've got the mail too... i think these children know what their money's worth, just like we do. I'll keep enjoying my v1, maybe one day a v2 or v3, who knows... cheers mate

  • @engelyve not trying to be a d**k either just getting annoyed with everyone on here posting the same complaint that they are upset that FM didn't tell them they were releasing a new model when they bought their board anywhere from a year ago to a day ago and I get it somewhat but I don't see where people think FM owes them anything because they bought a board from them. I have purchased and sold 4 boards and did not bat an eye when I saw the release. And trust me I don't have a huge disposable income either.

  • @ahxe45 AMEN!!!!

  • @Hazeey ok. Your situation is different. If it's unopened, and likely you've never ridden it or a Onewheel in general, you technically don't know what you're missing. I would return that and get the plus. What's another couple weeks to wait? For those of us who have been riding, we are not eligible so we might as well deal.

  • @CapoDelToro Shipping now estimated at March, no longer Feb.

  • @SaturnOne said in The next level is here:

    @CapoDelToro Shipping now estimated at March, no longer Feb.

    Huh, so it is. Hopefully that's just for new pre-orders based on the demand. I'm already dying inside waiting for Feb -_-

  • Ok I pulled the trigger today and got in on the Gold deal. I am a bit bummed spending the money, I bought my OW at full retail right before Black Friday sale, ugh. Anyway I will sell the old one when the new one arrives in March, once again paying full retail. Oh well, it hurts to see the old one probably sell at a major loss for me, but I do like the added benefits of the newer one, plus I can finally have a fender (which should be included anyway at that price). I use my OW a lot, got 160 miles on it and had it since November. My wife was not thrilled with me buying yet another expensive "toy", but ce la vie. I do love the OW, and hopefully the market for used V1 Onewheels does not get too saturated and I can get something decent for my old one. Tampabay area peeps give me a shout if interested in purchasing the V1. Thanks!

  • @boomlrd if it's any consolation. Only thing better than riding, is riding with someone else.

  • @shaunabe True. That's what I decided to do.

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