The next level is here

  • Welp. If this specs out as hoped I am definitely cancelling/selling my never-ending BB V2 pre-order.

  • @njcustom I am afraid I'm about 5 years too old to see the details in a black on black shadowed photo. I'm wearing my bifocals squinting my ass off and I got nothing! lol

  • @MichaelW hahahahahahhahahahahaaa .. I copied the photo and enhanced it

  • I have zero desire for a faster onewheel. MORE TORQUE would be AMAZING for steeper inclines. Especially for those of us adults that are upwards of 190lbs. Range, sure definitely add range. Now I'm just daydreaming.

  • Can't wait to find out more about it.

    My wishlist:

    • Top-facing status indicator
      Add an LED visible through the foot pad showing status, like that blue light around the switch on the side

    • Configurable status indicator
      An option to turn the power light off, maybe an RGB LED to change the color

    • Build-in security system
      Maybe a loud alarm that goes off if disturbed. Controlled via the app. This does also mean the board cannot be fully powered off when this option is enabled.

    • Proximity-based foot sensor, instead of pressure switch
      Could be like light sensors like on phones that detect your ear to the earpiece

    • Lowered deck
      I would love it if the deck was a bit lower, but I'm not sure how possible this is. The foot pads would have to be rounded

    • Waterproof
      I'm guessing this is not a trivial request. Properly waterproofing the motor may not be possible.

    • Haptic feedback
      A quick vibration could be useful, as when stepping on to indicate that the power is actually on so you can know that the board will catch you instead of slipping away.

    • More hardpoints, accomodations for accessories
      There are already 4 hardpoints on the top for the fender. I added stainless steel strips inside the frame to magnetically attach a fender, this would be nice if it was built-in. More points underneath might be useful to maybe add a splashguard or tire brush or a place to hold a bike chain.

    Just ideas. If it has some of these I'll probably pick up another.

  • The tire looks farther away from the deck?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @njcustom that is an interesting observation.

    I could see two reasons to do that:

    1. Treaded tire. With OW v1, adding a treaded tire creates the hazard of debris getting caught between the deck and the tire. With an inch or so of space that should not be a real concern.
    2. Wider stance. A larger board with a wider stance could make the OW feel more like a snowboard.

    I think the implications of that would be either:

    1. Smaller footpads. To keep the same control profile the footpads would have to be shorter. On my v1 I sometimes (albeit very rarely) touch the corner of the bumper to the flat ground. If I moved the footpads out an inch they would scrape all the time. They would have to be smaller.
    2. More responsive. The same tilt results in more impulse. I think the board would feel stiffer. This might mean less control in slow manuvering. I don't know this for sure, I'm just guessing.

  • Ok... Tomorrow we find out that V2 is awesome and we have to wait two months to get it! As of March 1st we should be rolling!

  • Thanks for the help blow up help @njcustom! Can you get your x-ray app on that pic as well... Anyone want to guess the retail price?

  • If you go to onewheel's facebook account and rsvp for the release event that's taking place tomorrow apparently you get a facebook messenger notification with details

  • @Zluz the tire looks a bit lower in profile.. look at the placement of the ''vega'' logo compared to the logo on V1 tire..

  • @njcustom are you thinking larger hub motor requiring a larger wheel diameter and lower profile tire!?

  • @faskev its very well possible ...I was also thinking maybe a more affordable model..

  • @njcustom ya larger motor would mean higher top speed but lower profile tire means less shock absorption / smooth ride

  • damn, Can't wait

  • @faskev I ride with a hard tire anyways.. I feel the tire now is way to bouncy .. I like 17psi or more

  • Freaking sweet! Thankfully, the black color scheme looks to be finally here. The all blue frame was just not my thing, so it's nice to see a more slick looking color scheme. They put some racing stripes on it too, ha-ha. Let's hope that signifies some performance increases, whether that be battery life, easily swappable battery capability, higher top speed, lighter, etc.(doesn't have to be all, but at least some changes on a potential V2 OneWheel). The foot pads look to slope upwards, which is a great added feature and wanted by many for good reason. The foot pads will hopefully be black on this edition (and appears to be), as I dislike the bare wood color look they went with on our first gen. OneWheel. Then again, maybe this picture is just black and white, and not in color, ha-ha. Hopefully they add features to their app as well because it's lacking in customizable features and information provided.

    If Future Motion were going to go about this in a smart way, they wouldn't try to sell this for more money than the current first gen. With all the new skateboards on the market and new companies jumping into the game, they'll continue to have more competition. Naturally, competition in the market space drives prices down. The OneWheel may not have much direct competition in an identical comparison of an electric skateboard with only one wheel, but more so in the electric skateboard market. People look into purchasing electric skateboards for various reasons like commuting for work, going "green", running errands, for sport, etc. So, it's important they focus on a price point that is continually competitive in the current market, which has evolved since the first gen. was released. I guess we'll see :D.

  • Got my fingers crossed that it's longer for us Sasquaches(6'2"+/220+lbs). it would give me a reason to pass on my V1 to the gf and get me a V2!

  • I it will be more like a street-carving version of ow. Stiffer and wider wheel. Id love ist.

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