Do You Plan to Buy a OW+

  • My current onewheel is fast enough. I just hope the new foot pads will be backward compatible. I'd be nice to get excited about the new design without having to spend so much.

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    @MichaelW hmmm this is where I got my info

    Yep, look at the Silver Member column. Retail value of board, badge, contest entry and free shipping is $1549. So the board must retail at $1499.

    I was hoping for more range and hill climbing ability for Hilly Seattle. :-( My Evolve Bamboo GT electric skateboard is supposed to get 12 miles of range and I get barely 5 miles with these hills. So I bet it'd be just 2 or 3 miles for the OW+ if it can get up the really steep hills.

    Oops. thegreck said the same thing earlier.

  • I think I have to order a OW+, whether I want to spend the money or not.... If the coolest thing I own just got way better, I think I have to be all-in!

  • Ordered mine this AM. Having it sent to the office so my girlfriend doesn't see it and throttle me. ;-)

  • @sonny123 Totally agree! I currently have 2 OW's may sell 1 to get a V2

  • @bobmatnyc said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:

    Ordered mine this AM. Having it sent to the office so my girlfriend doesn't see it and throttle me. ;-)

    Now that's an idea! But then my wife would ask me why the credit card got denied.

  • Already did. Stoke.

  • I'll admit after I decided to buy today I "told my wife" I was going to buy one. She asked the cost and said "okay". She was then all proud of herself for being an awesome supporting wife. I'll give that to her:)

  • @Franky Yes my wife was also very supportive. Of my first Onewheel. Not so sure what she'd say about a second one.

  • After watching the video im like WOW.. wow.. i was getting goosebumps and little adrenaline feels just thinking about it.. OMG I have to get one of these.. there is no question!
    Im fkn getting one! Sadly I live in NZ so no affirm option for me.. will have to save my $ and pay full price..

  • I'm not _planning to buy a OW+, because I just bought one - lol. Took about 5 seconds to decide. Why wouldn't I want a better version of my favorite toy? And, I'll have my original for my friends to ride along - even better!

  • @awakekiwi Shipping overseas is expensive. To Japan it's $350 shipping, plus $300 import fees - yikes! Last time I bought one, I timed it with a trip to the US, and just brought it back in my checked luggage for free. :-)

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  • Any word on when theses are actually available?
    Edit: I see on the FM site it says shipping Feb 2017.

  • @CABALLERO Interesting that their first ad said "Next Level Coming January 4th." It should've said "Find out about the next level which isn't coming until February on January 4th."

    Just not quite as catchy.

  • @thegreck that's true! I was hoping they were available right away so I could avoid shipping and customs since I'll be in AZ in a 2 weeks.

  • @thegreck ok, if the lawyers are going to start writing the advertising then it would have been more like this.

    Find out the over branded incrimental improvements primarily stolen from ideas on the forum for which we take no part in and pay back no bonus to... on January 4" which we "say" will ship "feb" 4th but really who knows. We have also set up a random set of completely arbitrarily priced "incentives" and boyscout merit badges to get you to sign up sooner. We are very excited about the new marketing staff/ and or Firm we hired because they have left no square inch of the unit unbranded/ technology Unspecilized. And are commercials are so amped up. :)

    Good luck with our new products, we aren't liable for shit. Have a nice day.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I was confused about the marketing too at first as there are a lot of concepts in play. First you have the levels of purchase value/time then there is the whole Pioneer Collective which at first glance you think these concepts are tied together tightly but and they are but it took a while for me to find and focus on the grid to understand that is pricing where the pioneer thing is just a fun contest.

    In the end I feel the specials and pricing are clear cut, understandable, and good. If I were to critique the marketing I'd say they needed to advertise the pioneer collective under the tier grid rather than be a competing main thought though I do think it draws interest even if it jumbles the message.

  • And what about a special pack"kickstarter baker campain" to reward people thanks to whom this dream came true !
    Kickstarter bakers are the real pioneers...and Yes I'm jealous for a moment :)

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