Do You Plan to Buy a OW+

  • hi everyone - new to the forums and just purchased the excited...Never tried it before but I do snowboard so I hoping its good. I did order the OW and then I saw videos and people talking about the pushback and getting thrown off and got scared hahah

    but f it, im ready for OW+

  • @tm1nor
    Welcome to the OW family.....

  • @tm1nor it's not as bad as some make it out to be. As long as you take your time and get the hang of riding and what pushback feels like you will be fine. Within a week I barely noticed pushback anymore and now can push well past it without any problem.

  • @LidPhones thank you, i am so excited

  • @ahxe45 - great to hear and i hope to get as good as you guys

  • 0_1483629831521_Image 29.jpg

    Looks like we might be able to buy the + bumpers and decks to get some features of OW+

  • The big question is -- keep the old one, and use it to go pairs riding, or try and sell it? My GF does enjoying riding, but wouldn't use it girls -- especially the 11yo, both enjoy riding....hmm decisions decision....

  • Uhg. I just caved and ordered the plus. I tell myself I'll sell my V1, but I'll probably keep it for a backup:). I was going to get an electric skateboard, but just canceled that (to get this)... I had delusions of esk8ing to work (7mi...not city), but I think I have less chance of getting run over or crashing on my road bike with all the rocks in the bike lane. If I can build or find an extended battery solution for the Onewheel, that may be an option:). Oh, and I paid with my Citi Visa... I should get double warranty, so 4 yrs:).

  • @bobmatnyc ummm yeah, KEEP! Same exact scenario with me. I watched my 8 yo daughter ride it around inside our gym yesterday and the decision was final.

  • Kickstarter backer here, serial number 136. Just bought the OW+ because I couldn't help myself. Damn you future motion.

  • @CABALLERO said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:

    @thegreck that's true! I was hoping they were available right away so I could avoid shipping and customs since I'll be in AZ in a 2 weeks.

    Phoenix here :-)

  • I started out with board number 56. The first 50 went to friends and family. @zachmu

  • @zachmu haha yep

  • We'll, I just ordered one. I figured I minds well get it while obtaining all the added benefits of value for the same price.

    When ordering, it just states I received the Pioneer Edition, but it doesn't state what kind, as this one I ordered would technically be the "Founding Member". I wonder how Future Motion plans to keep track of what Pioneer package people purchase and what added items in that value list is provided if it doesn't state on the order which one was ordered. Maybe they'll just go by the date ordered, but that doesnt seem like the easiest way to organize that, and it's better to state exactly what the order is and what it comes with on the purchase receipt.

  • @sonny123 said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:


    Many companies pull off a successful kickstarter campaign and fail to sustain later on.
    You think it's easy building a product in the States and make profit?
    They're offering a newer and improved OW for the same price with bunch of goodies if you order now. What's wrong with that?
    This is a great deal for those who were on the fence and never owned a OW.
    I sure was tempted for the deal but I find my OW still has plenty of fun left and will save the best for last.
    For those who bought a V1 not long ago, happens all the time.
    Just upgraded my PC couple months ago and the price went down $200 a week later.
    Same with cell phones and other products.
    If you're gonna wait for the latest, you'll be missing out on a lot of things.
    heck, technology is moving so fast, we could barely keep up with it.
    Rant over.

    Why you bitchen at me? I was just over lawyering the advertising ploys... I didn't say don't buy it. I actually think it's funny you can tell when. They hired the ad firm. As a professional bullshitter for a living, I applaud the first class bullshitting they applied to a great product. :)

    I do want to get one

  • In case you guys missed it, the only reason I'm salty, is I bought a used one wheel 5 days ago..... would have been nice to know right....

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL
    I figured that something got you going.... Real bummer but hey you have two OWs and I still have one. Also my high temp today was 9F so no OW'n for a few days.

  • @LidPhones I got one for my 10yr old. I just got a new job and I'm living on a living room floor until I move into a new apartment. So I basically figured what is an extra week, for years of father son OWing memories. I picked the wrong week to be figuring that. :)
    The post right someone wrote something about a more literal translation of the advertising. I was just taking it to an extreme. It's like 1 I missed out on getting the board are and 2 I instantly lost like 3-400 in resale value most likely.... smh :( after riding in a parade in having hundreds of people asking for this thing for Christmas.... I am have done my bit for king and country. :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I hear ya man, but get on that OW-thing. Whether it's the original version or the + won't matter anymore once you get into the groove. We all want the + but strictly speaking the difference between riding the original and the + won't be all that big, even if it's clearly noticeable. It's more marketing than anything else.
    For whatever it's worth: you have 2 OW's now, and you spent less on the used one than you would have spent on the +.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL

    No worries Aaron. Someone has to give a professional BS'er a hard time. ;)
    Glad you had great time with your 10 yr old. That alone is invaluable.

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