Do You Plan to Buy a OW+

  • @thegreck that's true! I was hoping they were available right away so I could avoid shipping and customs since I'll be in AZ in a 2 weeks.

  • @thegreck ok, if the lawyers are going to start writing the advertising then it would have been more like this.

    Find out the over branded incrimental improvements primarily stolen from ideas on the forum for which we take no part in and pay back no bonus to... on January 4" which we "say" will ship "feb" 4th but really who knows. We have also set up a random set of completely arbitrarily priced "incentives" and boyscout merit badges to get you to sign up sooner. We are very excited about the new marketing staff/ and or Firm we hired because they have left no square inch of the unit unbranded/ technology Unspecilized. And are commercials are so amped up. :)

    Good luck with our new products, we aren't liable for shit. Have a nice day.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I was confused about the marketing too at first as there are a lot of concepts in play. First you have the levels of purchase value/time then there is the whole Pioneer Collective which at first glance you think these concepts are tied together tightly but and they are but it took a while for me to find and focus on the grid to understand that is pricing where the pioneer thing is just a fun contest.

    In the end I feel the specials and pricing are clear cut, understandable, and good. If I were to critique the marketing I'd say they needed to advertise the pioneer collective under the tier grid rather than be a competing main thought though I do think it draws interest even if it jumbles the message.

  • And what about a special pack"kickstarter baker campain" to reward people thanks to whom this dream came true !
    Kickstarter bakers are the real pioneers...and Yes I'm jealous for a moment :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1483612713371_1437761952080-ow4.jpg
    I don't think they will ever do a black color Onewheel because that was a limited edition thing through Kickstarter and you had to pay extra to do it. I ordered the Onewheel+ just because I look at the Onewheel as more than just a toy. Plus now that I will have 2, I can now have another person riding along on my limited edition one. I don't plan on selling my old one either because its kind of special to me, I mean technically it was what started Future Motion and Onewheel.

  • cannot afford another onewheel unfortunately... even if I could find a buyer for my V1.

    Was really hoping to get the new footpads, but I read here that they are not compatible...

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL

    Many companies pull off a successful kickstarter campaign and fail to sustain later on.
    You think it's easy building a product in the States and make profit?
    They're offering a newer and improved OW for the same price with bunch of goodies if you order now. What's wrong with that?
    This is a great deal for those who were on the fence and never owned a OW.
    I sure was tempted for the deal but I find my OW still has plenty of fun left and will save the best for last.
    For those who bought a V1 not long ago, happens all the time.
    Just upgraded my PC couple months ago and the price went down $200 a week later.
    Same with cell phones and other products.
    If you're gonna wait for the latest, you'll be missing out on a lot of things.
    heck, technology is moving so fast, we could barely keep up with it.
    Rant over.

  • hi everyone - new to the forums and just purchased the excited...Never tried it before but I do snowboard so I hoping its good. I did order the OW and then I saw videos and people talking about the pushback and getting thrown off and got scared hahah

    but f it, im ready for OW+

  • @tm1nor
    Welcome to the OW family.....

  • @tm1nor it's not as bad as some make it out to be. As long as you take your time and get the hang of riding and what pushback feels like you will be fine. Within a week I barely noticed pushback anymore and now can push well past it without any problem.

  • @LidPhones thank you, i am so excited

  • @ahxe45 - great to hear and i hope to get as good as you guys

  • 0_1483629831521_Image 29.jpg

    Looks like we might be able to buy the + bumpers and decks to get some features of OW+

  • The big question is -- keep the old one, and use it to go pairs riding, or try and sell it? My GF does enjoying riding, but wouldn't use it girls -- especially the 11yo, both enjoy riding....hmm decisions decision....

  • Uhg. I just caved and ordered the plus. I tell myself I'll sell my V1, but I'll probably keep it for a backup:). I was going to get an electric skateboard, but just canceled that (to get this)... I had delusions of esk8ing to work (7mi...not city), but I think I have less chance of getting run over or crashing on my road bike with all the rocks in the bike lane. If I can build or find an extended battery solution for the Onewheel, that may be an option:). Oh, and I paid with my Citi Visa... I should get double warranty, so 4 yrs:).

  • @bobmatnyc ummm yeah, KEEP! Same exact scenario with me. I watched my 8 yo daughter ride it around inside our gym yesterday and the decision was final.

  • Kickstarter backer here, serial number 136. Just bought the OW+ because I couldn't help myself. Damn you future motion.

  • @CABALLERO said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:

    @thegreck that's true! I was hoping they were available right away so I could avoid shipping and customs since I'll be in AZ in a 2 weeks.

    Phoenix here :-)

  • I started out with board number 56. The first 50 went to friends and family. @zachmu

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