Do You Plan to Buy a OW+

  • @zachmu haha yep

  • We'll, I just ordered one. I figured I minds well get it while obtaining all the added benefits of value for the same price.

    When ordering, it just states I received the Pioneer Edition, but it doesn't state what kind, as this one I ordered would technically be the "Founding Member". I wonder how Future Motion plans to keep track of what Pioneer package people purchase and what added items in that value list is provided if it doesn't state on the order which one was ordered. Maybe they'll just go by the date ordered, but that doesnt seem like the easiest way to organize that, and it's better to state exactly what the order is and what it comes with on the purchase receipt.

  • @sonny123 said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:


    Many companies pull off a successful kickstarter campaign and fail to sustain later on.
    You think it's easy building a product in the States and make profit?
    They're offering a newer and improved OW for the same price with bunch of goodies if you order now. What's wrong with that?
    This is a great deal for those who were on the fence and never owned a OW.
    I sure was tempted for the deal but I find my OW still has plenty of fun left and will save the best for last.
    For those who bought a V1 not long ago, happens all the time.
    Just upgraded my PC couple months ago and the price went down $200 a week later.
    Same with cell phones and other products.
    If you're gonna wait for the latest, you'll be missing out on a lot of things.
    heck, technology is moving so fast, we could barely keep up with it.
    Rant over.

    Why you bitchen at me? I was just over lawyering the advertising ploys... I didn't say don't buy it. I actually think it's funny you can tell when. They hired the ad firm. As a professional bullshitter for a living, I applaud the first class bullshitting they applied to a great product. :)

    I do want to get one

  • In case you guys missed it, the only reason I'm salty, is I bought a used one wheel 5 days ago..... would have been nice to know right....

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL
    I figured that something got you going.... Real bummer but hey you have two OWs and I still have one. Also my high temp today was 9F so no OW'n for a few days.

  • @LidPhones I got one for my 10yr old. I just got a new job and I'm living on a living room floor until I move into a new apartment. So I basically figured what is an extra week, for years of father son OWing memories. I picked the wrong week to be figuring that. :)
    The post right someone wrote something about a more literal translation of the advertising. I was just taking it to an extreme. It's like 1 I missed out on getting the board are and 2 I instantly lost like 3-400 in resale value most likely.... smh :( after riding in a parade in having hundreds of people asking for this thing for Christmas.... I am have done my bit for king and country. :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I hear ya man, but get on that OW-thing. Whether it's the original version or the + won't matter anymore once you get into the groove. We all want the + but strictly speaking the difference between riding the original and the + won't be all that big, even if it's clearly noticeable. It's more marketing than anything else.
    For whatever it's worth: you have 2 OW's now, and you spent less on the used one than you would have spent on the +.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL

    No worries Aaron. Someone has to give a professional BS'er a hard time. ;)
    Glad you had great time with your 10 yr old. That alone is invaluable.

  • So I bought one yesterday now I'm kind of confused do I get the carry on bag with it or do I get 25% off if I decide to buy one?

  • @s2kboy how can you possibly misinterpret that? And how do you not know what you just dropped $1500 on?

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I am assuming you fetched a good deal on the used one, though, right?

  • @s2kboy UMMMM, no, you don't get a bag. :)

  • @CapoDelToro lol I wanted the board anyways it's going to stay the same price just with less incentives so I went for it.

  • @dakota4ce so how do you get the discount on the bag?

  • @s2kboy I got an email from OW that makes me think it'll be a coupon of sorts, not sure if it'll be a digital coupon, or arrive along with your new OW+. The price on the website is $225 right now and I don't think that's the discounted rate.

  • My dilemma is, do I open my v1 I'm about to pickup at ups or wait to see about return and order the + to wait longer and hope it comes in February? Any thoughts from longtime owners of the OG? Footpath sound hit or miss on the v1 which is my only real concern....and the power of the new motor sounds sweet since I'm not bigger guy (230lbs)

  • @Hazeey you can't go wrong either way in my opinion. I'm about 213# and v1 OW is plenty powerful. If you can't wait, rip open that box and get riding! At some point OW is going to have to make footpads available again, of if they don't they're going to have a lot of very unhappy OW riders. On the other hand, if you can bear the wait a little longer, OW+ has more power and speed, and the graded footpads, and we can speculate that footpads for the new OW+ won't be out of stock any time soon. Also there's good value in the new OW+ if you get in on the Pioneer Collective or one of their other prestige groups (depending on when you buy). Pioneer Collective offers a 2-yr warranty, fender and free bumpers, pretty solid value.

  • @Hazeey
    I agree with @groovyruvy, it depends on your need to ride and if you can wait several weeks to get the OW+. I plan to put 20 plus miles on this weekend if possible it has been too long with these cold temps. I am going out if we get above 20F.

  • @Polle I bet they will be compatible..I don't see why not..

  • I ordered mine yesterday....anyone want to guess when the February shipping begins? The 1st or 28th?

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