OW+: Cost of increased speed

  • I was reading a theory in a different thread that since the OW+ has a higher top speed and same range as the V1, that if you limit your OW+ to go 15mph (like the V1) then you should theoretically be able to go farther than V1. However, the new OW+ has a range of "5-7 miles," whereas the V1 has a range of "6-7 miles." To me, this implies that the battery setup remains the same between the two, and that if you push the OW+ 19mph you're only going to be getting 5 miles out of it.

    I initially thought the OW+ would have a range advantage over the V1 for the reasoning above, but if the battery pack remains the same, and the new "Hypercore" motor isn't more energy efficient, then unfortunately I don't think that's the case.

    Maybe the next buzzword will be a 'Staminacore' motor...

  • I thought exactly the same.

  • Well, the motor could certainly be more energy efficient, but even if it were perfectly efficient, it still requires a more energy to move you at 19mph than 15mph because air resistance is roughly proportional to the square of speed (i.e. 2x speed--> 4x more energy).

    So indeed, I think the battery is exactly the same. This is really just an incremental change... I mean, this isn't like a new model with more/better features or anything revolutionary. It doesn't appear you can even buy a V1 anymore.

    I'm kinda grumpy about this.... I bought my V1 two less than 2 weeks before the December sale.... Did I get a refund of the price difference? Nope. I also have defective footpads and have a 6 week wait (at least) to get some new ones. So, I should have waited and I could have gotten a V2.

  • @bobfandango

    Hopefully you get the upgraded footpads. All things considered, I think the frame, battery, and electronics are all the same, so it's my prediction that the OW+ pads will be retro-compatible. Considering the V1 pads have been OOS for awhile now, I think they discontinued them in favor of the new hotness.

    Just FYI, the OW V1 is now available for sale at the Black Friday discounted price of $1299. Menu>Shop>OneWheel.

    I understand your pain about your purchasing situation, I've been in that situation before and I see a lot of people on this forum who are feeling the same way after this announcement. I remember when DJI dropped the price on the Inspire 1 $1000, completely devaluing all existing Inspire 1s in the wild by a third (including mine). But, so is life when you're a tech-geek living on the cutting edge of fun and games. "Apple-itis" is a real drag, but you can learn to offset the feelings of resentment toward the company with comfort in the experiences you had with the device while it was top-dog, and the capabilities it gave you during that time which otherwise wouldn't have been accessible to you. There will ALWAYS be a next-best-thing in every category, and if you get caught up in feeling screwed over every time you're going to have a bad go and all these 'stuff and things' become a rollercoaster of fear, patience, anger, and bliss. It's just money. Ya, it's a substantial chunk of change, but there shouldn't be any reason a OW bankrupts you or ruins your financial stability. If it does, there are bigger life issues afoot. I just find ways to save in other areas of life to offset the costs, it's just prioritization. I now try to think of it as trading money for experiences. In another year when OW++ Extended Range Super Duper Staminacore Anti-Grav No Flats V3 comes out and you pre-order, I'll still have my OW+ and there's absolutely no reason it shouldn't be just as fun or usable as the day I receive it.

    Wait, I'm rambling, what were we talking about? Oh, ya, the new motor might be more energy efficient, but if that was the case I would expect the advertised stats to pad that range stat a bit higher, and it would look something like "5-9 miles." That's assuming the higher range estimate is the most efficient possible result. No way of knowing at this point, time will tell...

  • @Rig Exactly. They couldn't announce the new board ahead of time, because they need to be able to continually sell the existing boards to make the money necessary to make the improved board. It sucks when you're one of the people caught in the crossover, but that's how business works and it's nothing new. It happens every damn time I buy a new computer.

  • Onewheel Kickstarter was launched at ces and a lot of companies announce new products at ces. It's always a gamble to buy near a company event or ces but that is nothing new. V1 is still an amazing product and very similar to v1+. If your riding around a v1, nobody is going to know or ask if it's a + other than other riders who won't ask anyway.

    I'm hoping more v1s start trickling down to people who can't afford new. I'm planning on keeping mine at this point.

  • To all of the people whining about their 10 day old purchase of a V1, GROW THE HELL UP. NOBODY CARES. RIDE WHAT YOU GOT AND BUY A V2 LATER. JESUS.

  • I can't give this enough likes

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