Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?

  • Please address this question Future Motion. Yes or no? Your loyal V1 customers are waiting!

  • From someone else in another thread.

    A guy name Tony posted this on the Facebook group "Onewheel Owners Group"...

    "Spoke to a rep at FM. Here's the deal.

    if you've purchased your board in the last ~ 10 days they will work with you for a solution. (Ie if your board is brand new, they will accept a return)

    for all the owners of version 1 like me, the new pads apparently won't fit on the old board and they don't offer any swap/upgrade option. The rep told me they would work on a longer term solution for us original owners, but it will take a few months for sure. Maybe a software upgrade.


  • That was me. And apparently no..they're not.

  • I'm gunna predict this is gunna be one of those iPhone "bumper gate" problems and they're gunna have to send out a bunch of pads. I shall call it "PlusPad Gate"

  • So if I understand this correctly, as a V1 owner...if your current footpads need to be replaced the only solution is to buy a onewheel plus???

  • @wr420 so is it a software issue or a hardware issue regarding the footpad incompatiblty. Also can v1 users buy replacement footpads?

  • @tony420121 The original replacement footpads are since a while 'out of stock'

    If the new are not compatible, they will have to sell the old ones again, no?

  • Seems incredible! I will need new V1 footpads set for years to come(1 set/ year at least) !!!!

  • The new pads seem like they only attach downwards (with machine screws from the top) near the wheel. The four attachment screws at the four corners are missing which leads me to believe they attach from underneath through the newly designed bumpers. At first I thought it was genius to have V1 and V2 using the same platforms especially if V1 could b upgraded with V2 parts but why stick to this platform if they don't share parts. Don't get me wrong I'm stoked on V2 and can't wait to reinterpret the deck. It's not wide enough or concave enough for me but I love the negative angle😬

  • ^...V "1.5"...^

  • So every upgrade will not be backward compatible with the prior? Does not sound very idea.

  • how can we replace our v1 pads??

  • A somewhat official response to the foot pad compatibility and lack of availability for the old pads. They sorta hint at something coming down the pipe:

    "Onewheel ...and while Surestance footpads are only compatible with Onewheel+ at this time, we are always working to improve the experience of all our riders and will continue to iterate on footpad design. Don’t sweat it, there is more awesomeness to come!"

  • @faskev well as great as that is there are people who need replacement pads today. Every day is a day not floating ...


  • @tony420121 said in Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?:

    @wr420 so is it a software issue or a hardware issue regarding the footpad incompatiblty. Also can v1 users buy replacement footpads?

    Not really sure, it could go either way. They may have changed the tech used in the sensor. If that's the case then possibly it would require different code or hardware to deal with different input/output from the new sensors. The original sensor pads were essentially a switch. Maybe the new pad uses piezoelectric tech and can't work with the current setup?? I really have no idea just guessing but what I posted from the another thread sounded like it came from FM.
    I have not seen the new sensors, so for all I know they moved the mounting holes 1.5mm and they call that not compatible but my guess would be that they changed the functional design because of issues they were having with the originals like water getting between the switch contacts.

  • @tony420121 - on the V1 sensor pads yes they can be replaced they are just out of stock at the moment. Not sure yet what they will be replaced with though.

  • They will definitely get V1 pads in again to sell. Don't worry people!

  • I wonder if new bumpers would be required - the + bumpers are more rounded...also has anyone seen overall dimensions? Is it possible the + is wider?

  • They're definitely going to restock the v1 pads. For those that are upset that + pads are not v1 compatible, I get it being a little annoyed, but this is one of the incentives they are providing for you to upgrade the +. It's a sound business move. I don't think it is necessarily consumer unfriendly, as long as they restock v1 pads pretty quickly. If I had to guess, they had to move their production over to + pads to ramp up for launch. It would behoove them to quickly ramp back up on v1 pads, otherwise I would say people could rightly be very upset.

  • 100% Same dimensions. Overall same board. Just different pads. Bumpers are the same. Frame is the same. As you can see from the pic I posted. @shaunabe

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