Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?

  • @ltl Yeah I think you're right, and I agree, that's a pretty ingenious idea.

  • @kelp

    I get the idea that it was a home modification. Just a post I ran across on the Onewheel Owner's Group page on FB.

  • It looks like a bow tie. Way overboard on the additional angled packing in my opinion. A for effort though. If you look at the + the elevation change is no more than 3/8" probably more like 1/4". The bow tie has more like a full inch of rise/run.

  • Funny idea on the new pads. I see a lot of people re-gripping the current pads because they get kind of slippery. Especially in very rough/bumpy terrain. Do you guys think the new rear pad will be too slippery? I mean only half of it is covered in grip tape. looks kind of slippery, especially if you get any sand on the exposed wood

  • @shaka-wheeler yup, which is why I'll re-grip the rear pad on day 1

  • @ashewheeler said in Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?:

    Nevermind hadn't looked at the sensor in a while but just cracked one open. It's definitely 2 separate circuits0_1485451647345_676-1518x1139.jpg

    would this work:
    if i use 2 sticks and 2 spacers on the sensor and push the sensor it works....maybe this idea can work instead of resourcing a new sensor and programming etc....i dn't think they will help hack there existing old product to make it like there new version?!;)..

  • @ashewheeler any branding on those sensors? If so we might be able to buy a larger version straight from the manufacturer.

  • Not sure what we can do with it but... someone brought this stuff up previously. I didn't think it could work but now I realize it is probably something similar to what is in the stock OW sensor. They have just laid the grid on top of it. When you apply pressure it connects the 2 sides of the grid thereby creating a switch. If we can figure out how to create the grid on top of the pressure sensitive conductive sheet we could make our own. Only problem is I have not come up with a way to make the grid. Apparently some guys at at MIT are printing the grid. Anyone have a printer that prints metal? Oh ya they also have pressure sensitive ink for their printers.

    I found these pre-made but they are small.
    Info on pressure sensors.

  • if you find or make a new sensor you will still have a connection/ communication with the OW problem to overcome....?...
    you could make 2 little wooden end ramps strips on top...screw strips and ramps voila...v 2.1 footpads


  • @wr420 With what little reading i did it doesn't look like the grid is important as i look at the stock sensor it has 3 part's or lead's 1 that covers the entire bottom lets use a sheet of foil in place of the grid next is the middle layer which is the pressure-sensitive conductive sheet {Velostat) then you need 2 more sheets or foil to make up the 2 sides of the pad the make into a nice neat package using sticky backed plastic sheet's how hard could it be.

  • i was impatiant so I made a frankenstein prototype( I had a spare set ...saving that one!!;);)....and it works :):)...from the sensor area to the to wheel is the safe area LOL...also using the original could be non destructive...lift up 1 side of the tape...insert the 2 ramps...put the tape back...ready to go....:):):)?!?!?!?!?!

    I used 2 sepperate ramp pieces...didn't have long enough screws so had to use these things and 2 rubbers...
    I kept a part of the original sensor coveringtape because I was worried about the wood spacers direct contact on the shiny kept the tape on the sensor and put the spacers on top....and the 2 ramps on top of that so for now it is a bit higher then necessary...the gaps are bigger now but can be held shut without triggering the sensor...

    if I step on it..i can keep my toes on the outer corner and still powered...weight to my heel instead of to to wheel stops...but the far corners will trigger so..:)..also because of the grip tape I think



    for now it works...snowy outside ..and still crapy prototype...but...:)...
    hope you enjoyed and hope to inspire...

    and would really prefer thin sensor sheets haha or something so hope that works for someone...please share :):)

    (I only had a livingroom and a dremel&sandpaper to work with so I looks crappy:):).

  • @MichaelW Thanks for the inside scoop on the V2. From what I read, my V1 works just fine. If you all want a different board, change your tire on the V1. The tire completely makes the board. As far as I'm concerned, I have a V2, just cheaper and a much more responsive than the Vega V1. Check out my tire thread along with No's treaded tire review. I'm on his tire now with a harder compound, Check out my sensor mod, works great, same footpads, made a fender out of a black 5 gallon bucket.

  • You can make a ramp insert and place the sensor on top...the angle of the ramp keeps your feet more in place solving all the shifting of the sensor with your feet..sensor complaints...resulting in a "SURE STANCE" feeling

    check my frankenpad post for the finished version and instructions

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