Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?

  • @MichaelW it just looks like the front of the V2 pads are connected from underneath, maybe a screw through the bumper. So maybe the v2 pads will fit V1 if if v2 bumpers are used as well!?

  • I think the bumpers will be only slightly different. I'm sure you can easily put the pads and bumpers on V1 as the screw holes are in the same spot on the frame near the wheel.

    PS: I will know more later today and will get back to this thread.

  • Ok... I got the full scoop. The bumpers are slightly different as they have holes that carry the screws up through the board and into the footpad on one side. The firmware is slightly different but will use the same app.

    Drum roll....

    The pads WILL be compatible at some point (May involve slight modification may not). You will likely need to buy the bumpers as well (Unless there is someway to drill holes) because the screws will go up through them on the outer sides of the footpad.

    The frame is the same.

    Its not noticeably quieter then V1. The excelleration also seems about the same.

    It is faster by about 4 miles per hour. No difference as far as smoothness goes as far as my buddy could see and feel.

    Hope that helps! Good news for all of us really... @thehoff @sidebox @shaunabe @wr420 @kelp @TonyGDTLA @wr420 @r1alvin

  • @thehof If what your friend says, this update bites and I should have waited before ordering my second OW.

  • @MichaelW good news thanks for sharing it! did they have any time frame at all for v1 pad replacements? even to know it would be available before summer would be nice although i'm sure plenty would like to replace before the upcoming semester.

  • I am holding hope that the additional power of the motor manifests itself as I cart my 230# frame around. I have overcome the motor's ability to balance me a few times in steep terrain at low speed. It just gives up because of my mass. Not often, though. I also will relish the lack of 15mph pushback.

    Either way, I bought it! And cannot wait! Until then, V1 makes me very happy even though I am just a -little- bit afraid of it launching me LOLOLOL!

  • More perspective from Mike T.

    Including the use of "butterier" in a sentence.

  • @shaunabe won't launch. Could you cut and paste?

  • I'm beginning to think that they are offering all the freebies with the OW+ right now to get people to buy before they have a chance to compare it directly to the v1. Good marketing strategy and it's still faster with better foot pads so I'm sure it is a good upgrade just not the VW Golf GTI vs. Ferrari difference advertised.

  • @CapoDelToro said in Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?:

    @shaunabe won't launch. Could you cut and paste?

    It's a video. The link works if you have a Facebook account.

  • @thegreck it finally worked. Thank you!

  • you know what. As I was riding my onewheel this afternoon I put some deep thought into the revised pads and how they are angled slightly upwards towards the very forward and aft ends of the OW. I think I would rather have the "bite" or "gradual lip" on the toeside and heelside edges of the pads. Why? Because when I'm carving, my board goes "toeside" and "heelside", and I frequently find myself having to lift either my toe or heel to adjust when the board bounces ever so slightly. Just a thought.

  • @r1alvin ask and ye shall receive. Having a ledge to support your toes and heels during roll is a real gamechanger! No more foot fatigue from gripping the board with your toes and so much more stability when vega is on edge🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘〰️☯️〰️🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿

  • @ashewheeler how much is the mod

  • @kelp still trying to lean up the process but hoping to get the price down under $200. Right now it costs me close to $270 to produce paying myself $25/hr. About to eliminate $100/board of CNC machining costs with a shop built duplicating carver I made. Hoping to source full size sensors from FM to use with OG OW and + but obviously waiting until they quit raging Las Vegas and get back to work!

  • I emailed FM support and just got confirmation that V1 foot pads will be back in stock mid January I'm also going to order a back up set @sidebox

  • @MrCamel nice! Thanks for the info. Gonna buy a new set so I can sell my v1 in better shape.

  • So what happen to those after market concave v1 footpads?

  • @wr420 said in Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?:

    @tony420121 said in Are V2 Concave Pads backwards compatible to the V1?:

    @wr420 so is it a software issue or a hardware issue regarding the footpad incompatiblty. Also can v1 users buy replacement footpads?

    Not really sure, it could go either way. They may have changed the tech used in the sensor. If that's the case then possibly it would require different code or hardware to deal with different input/output from the new sensors. The original sensor pads were essentially a switch. Maybe the new pad uses piezoelectric tech and can't work with the current setup?? I really have no idea just guessing but what I posted from the another thread sounded like it came from FM.
    I have not seen the new sensors, so for all I know they moved the mounting holes 1.5mm and they call that not compatible but my guess would be that they changed the functional design because of issues they were having with the originals like water getting between the switch contacts.

    This is really smart analysis @wr420 the more I try to unravel the sensor I'm starting to realize I'm imagining it to be a simple switch or open/closeable circuit. This may not be the case. The information being sent from the FSR and interpretated by the firmware might be more nuanced than a simple on/off signal. I am curious that the physical sensor may be one circuit that is subdivided into halves within the firmware. Maybe FSR measure the percentage and location of resistance across the envelope of the sensor and then report those locations percentages of resistance back to the computer to digest. Also the question or consideration of piezoelectric or other variations in sensor design I thought was interesting. Way to use your baked noodle🤘😵🤓

  • Nevermind hadn't looked at the sensor in a while but just cracked one open. It's definitely 2 separate circuits0_1485451647345_676-1518x1139.jpg

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