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    JYRO Electric Ride-Ons Debut at CES 2017
    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- JYRO, a premium adult tech brand revolutionizing electric ride-ons for Millennials, will be launching globally today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The full range of the JYRO line, from a single-wheeled skateboard to a light-weight scooter, will be on display, as well as available for demo at Tech West in the Sands Expo, level two, booth 44372.

    "We're looking forward to presenting the versatility and technology that JYRO is bringing to the electric ride-ons and personal mobility categories," said Thomas O'Connell, Global CEO, JYRO.

  • @jim Thanks for sharing!

  • I wonder if JRYO will be raided like what happened last year:

  • @jim There you go: 15 mile range (on a 2 hour charge). Not sure about the price but this is one competitive advantage.

  • @SaturnOne According to the press release: The JYRO Roll will be available in April at an MSRP of $1,000.

  • If someone were primarily concerned with mileage and affordability, it seems like a decent option.

  • A side by side demo/comparison between the 2 would be interesting.

  • For sure there is room in this space for toy rideables like onewheel. None of these clones though come close to the quality of ow and who knows what to do when it breaks. Also from the footage I've seen of these clones the shaping of the boards seem more awkward. If fm isn't going to contest these then it will be interesting to see how they perform. It's possible that if these low cost options helped build awareness and acceptance of the form factor then that could really help fm sell more as currently most people have never seen it or know it exists. Of course if it blows up like hoverboards did then that would bring the same set of issues and could make things much worse via more banning in public spaces.

  • @Franky Based on the images from the clip, the JYRO looks not nearly as sturdy as the OW. The clip itself has a typo.. (blutooth) Hopefully that is not indicative of more fundamental sloppiness.
    Either way, if this thing will sell at 1K, they will steal a substantial amount of customers from FM. In best case we as OW riders can benefit when prices in the entire category start dropping.. If OW prices won't drop, FM may be forced to add features in order to differentiate.

  • If anything competition is good and keeps companies honest. This looks like one of the better clones that I have seen so far. The speed is on par with the onewheel and the mileage is obviously better. The 2 hour charge time is a turn off but most people will not care about when purchasing. Only other factor would be country of manufacture and how easy it is to get repairs done. People don't know how good they have it with FM for repair service and warranty work until they buy a board from a different company like Evolve or one of these clones and the board stops working.

  • Wow, this looks like a pretty blatant rip-off. The comparable size and maximum distance make me wonder if they are saving costs in the battery department. LiFePo4 (as used by the OW) have a lower average mAh rating than other chemistries (shorter range), but stand up better over time to recharge and repeated use. They are also more thermally stable. I think FM has focused a lot on quality and owner satisfaction. You could probably replace the cells in a OWv1 with Li-Ion or Li-Po 18650 cells but with the loads involved you'd also probably have to replace them every 6-9 months.

  • This clone has actually been around for awhile. I see it pop up semi regularly on ebay shipping out of china. The only thing that changes is the branding.

  • Why is everyone overlooking the fact that this only goes 12mph? Useless. That is mindnumbingly slow.

  • @sidebox 12mph is not much less than the 13-14 of my 1-year old OW. Agreed, I too would rather have a few mph more instead of less, which is why the OW+ is attractive.
    But to be honest, speed is not the essential feature of a device like this. The seesaw motion that is unique to a one wheeled device (as opposed to skateboard, snowboard,...) is way more essential to the "magical" experience.
    If you can offer that at a better price (than OW) I'd expect quite a bit of customers going with that, and who will blame them if the overall quality of the JYRO turns out to be decent?
    I see an opportunity for JYRO especially with consumers who do not have a boardsport background. That is the wide open field of opportunity for companies (like FM, JYRO). The market of consumers who do not have boardsport experience is way bigger than that of consumers who do have that experience (which is pretty "niche" like in the grand scheme of things).
    If FM keeps focusing just on board sport folks, as it is largely doing right now, they may even lose out in the long run. The opportunities here are way beyond the boardsport and even "fun things" arenas. I have told FM, and now I said it here. If need be, I'll talk to JYRO, too.

  • I look at Onewheel similar to how snowboarding took off. When I was really young snowboarding was fringe but people knew of it and kids aspired to do it. When those kids grew up they started snowboarding and it exploded.

    When I'm riding Onewheel, both adults and kids love it and tell me how cool it is. Those adults are too afraid of hurting themselves but it's the kids who will want one asap. Time will tell but as far as I can tell these rip offs are cheap and will break much more easily than ow. Nobody including kids aspire to own junk so unless someone starts beating fm at this game they will be just fine.

  • I say yeah..... good luck with that

  • @jim said in More Clones are coming!:

    More info and video found here :

    And here is the Chinese original of the 'innovative' ' jyro. (Link Below) I support my usa friends and developers and support the original onewheel.

  • More clones here too!
    I was able to ride ver 1 of the Hoverboard last year. While the learning curve is higher than OW in 15 min of practice I was able to ride comfortably.

    GeoBlade electric skateboard is straight out of a sci-fi movie

     Mashable - 24m ago

    LAS VEGAS - Last year, Hoverboard Technologies' Robert Bigler came by Mashable HQ in New York to show me the Hoverboard, a skateboard deck with a disc-shaped wheel at its center. As futuristic as the Hoverboard was, it was just too expensive at ...

  • @jim I remember this brand. I actually liked their concept/design back in the day. I like that they improved it with the replaceable batteries that go 10 miles each that's pretty crazy especially if it goes 16 mph.

    Not liking the newer production design. All those ugly ass neon lights and clear plastic meshed with everything else. These brands need to invest in a proper product designer hehe

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