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  • I wanted to share a little info about my recent trip as it relates to the Onewheel.
    To prepare for my trip I bought a backpack/duffle that typically is used for hiking etc.
    It fits the Onewheel fine but makes it much larger and was tough to carry. The weight really makes it hard to carry as a backpack. My first leg was on a smaller 30 seat plane and the Onewheel would not fit in the overhead. With permission from the person next to me I stowed it on its side in underneath the seat and it actually fit fine (without the bag).
    This would only be practical on some planes that don't have separate dividers under the seat AND if the person next to you doesn't need to put their bag under the seat.
    The connecting flight (Delta) I decided to check the bag at the gate and they didnt charge me. Lugging the Onewheel to that connection was ROUGH. My airport is huge and there are way too many people to chance riding.
    On the return flight I elected to check the Onewheel in the bag and they made me walk to the other side of the Airport to drop it at oversized luggage. This was Detroit Wayne County btw and my airport is Hartsfield in Atlanta. Anyhow I just wanted to make folks aware that long trips can be rough if you don't have assistance, especially since there isnt a suitable carrying case. I consider myself to be in good shape and I can lift quite a bit, but the stress on a back is harsh over long distances.
    On the bright side I spent 4 days riding the beach and its truly awesome! Video coming soon!

  • Guess I'll just have to fly private :cry:

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