One Wheel + Bumpers

  • Can anyone advise if the One Wheel + bumpers will be compatible with the original One Wheels?

  • @jtworks I don't think we have any official word on that, but from the promotional photos we've seen it looks like the OW+ foot pads have a very slight bevel sanded into them at the ends that the bumpers are shaped to fit. If that's the case but the form-factor is otherwise identical, you should be able to sand them to fit flush against the OG footpads.

    I'm torn as to whether this was a good design choice or not. On one hand, it would be nice if they just offered a universal bumper that could be exchanged between models and I hate this from a practical standpoint. On the other hand, I can appreciate that there is an overall aesthetic improvement in ever so slightly shaping the underside of the foot pads to better balance the new profile.

  • This was partially answered by @MichaelW in another thread 2 hours ago...

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