Pushback at about 15% battery?

  • I had my OW out today for the first time in a few weeks.
    My wife was walking the beach with my daughter in her pram, and I was skating along side them. (Along a concrete path - not on the sand!) The total distance is about 4.2 miles, and I've done this several times before.
    Most of the ride, I was just doing a fast walking pace... and on the way back, I was pushing the pram!

    As we were nearing the end, my OW started sloping backwards - like it does during pushback. I checked the app, and still had 14% battery. When I leant forwards, it would push backwards - until the back was almost touching the ground. This was at about 3-4mph.
    I stopped and started again, but it still did the same.
    I then switched it off and on again, and it went ok for a minute, and then sloped back again.

    Any suggestions as to what happened? As above, I've done this same run at the same speed several times before without any issues. I've got it on charge just now, so will try it and see if it's ok at full charge.

  • @p3eps it's been a few weeks since you used it, it's getting cold outside.. you need to charge your board overnight, or for 24 hours to balance the cells.

    Get the OWheelBuddy app and when you get pushback at 15% check if you have a cell with much lower volts that the others. This will confirm your board shut down because your cells are unbalanced.

  • @thehoff
    Thanks for the reply. It is very cold here in Scotland just now!
    I've got it on charge and will leave it until tomorrow and check the individual cell levels.

  • @p3eps no problem.. I hope the long charge gets it sorted

  • @p3eps this happened to me last year, almost exactly. Unfortunately, I had to send it back in for a battery calibration. I hope your situation resolves on its own, but mine did not. I rode around with reduced mileage for a couple of weeks, but then the board started to throw me off at around 12-15% with no pushback warning first. Just a dead board. Since you are so far away from OW, I really do hope this isn't the case for you

  • @sidebox
    That doesn't sound good! I left it charging for about 30 hours - but haven't had a chance to ride it since.
    I'll have to take it out for another blast and wear down the battery to see what happens.
    It'd be a right pain to send back for repair if I have to.

  • i had push back at 25% on mine i tried leaving it on charge twice both times for 24 hours to balance the battery but it hadn't changed
    i didn't want to send mine back for repairs as living in the uk its alot of money to for tax and import duty
    but i fixed the battery reading wrong by running the battery down till the board turned on but would no longer balance its self checked the battery level and it returned to 1% then i left it on charge for 12 hours and its been fine ever since, that was october 2015

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