Glitching between forward and reverse at slow speed

  • Have a replaced OW (first one had batt issues). It seems during slow speed xfers from one side to another it sometimes skips or glitches and kick the rider off. I swear we are keeping feet on sensor.

    Could is be touchy sensor plate? or motor issue?


  • @dbrisson Do you have an Android phone? If so, download @kwatts app, pOneWheel. If you enable logging, it will store all kinds of data from the OneWheel every second, including speed, battery state, and sensor state in a CSV file you can open in the spreadsheet program of your choice on your computer (you can do it on your phone, but it's a PITA). If you're able to reproduce the problem note the exact time on your phone and then look at the logs to see if RIDER_DETECTED=FALSE and the states of the individual sensors at the moment you're trying to change direction. It might give you some insight.

  • Only have iphones and ipads. I just got a second used board and there is definitely something different between the two. The newer board is definitely prone to stuttering / coming off power at very slow speeds. I am guess foot pad sensor but its a new replacement / refurbished board. Getting bit frustrated

  • @dbrisson Frustrating for sure when two things happen one after the other like that, but unfortunately it does sound like a faulty sensor.

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