Bluetooth Security Seriously Needed

  • lol what a strange fellow. good luck

  • These forums are useless because you posted a highly unlikely story that none of the experienced riders believe? Good luck with that whole logic thing.

  • The last thing anyone should do is berate or belittle anyone asking for help when this forum is supposed to be a community of individuals with a shared interest.

    1. Bluetooth range widely varies. The one in my laptop has a 300-350ft range and doesn't lose connection to my board anywhere on the acre where I normally ride.

    2. A simple hands on test confirmed that the riding mode can be changed while the Onewheel is being ridden so long as you are going slow. That's with both the Onewheel and OWheelBuddy apps.

    3. It took less than 15 minutes of really trying, but severe kickback with an error requiring that the board be reset was experienced.

    Recreating the event required a combination of changing the forward and backwards direction, a rapid change in contact status with the pressure sensitive pad(s), and a changing of the modes intuitively from "classic" to "elevated."

    Shame on all who exhibited such childish behavior towards an individual seeking help. Be sure you look both ways when crossing the street.

  • @Leviathan thanks for the shame, but I'll pass on your judgements. Apparently you didn't see his messages before he erased and edited them. He did not internalize any of the advice multiple people had given him. While one person used the initials BS, no one was openly hostile to him. It's great that you ran a test, but I did as well, and I was unable to recreate his issue at all. With sensors engaged, I was not able to get a change modes in use. If you did a bunch of forward and back motions and deactivated the sensor with a direction change or stop, great. That's not what he was claiming happened. Also, I didn't see him ask for advice at all. He simply echoed the call of many before him that they would like to see the Bluetooth secured. Despite his not actually asking for advice, he was advised that the best way to secure it in the meantime was to maintain a connection between his phone and the board, so that no one else could access his OW. He decided to take grave offense at a random point in time and write a snotty reply. It seems like there might have been a slight language barrier thrown in the mix, which probably didn't really help things. Again, I think your attempt at shaming those of us that chose to respond to him is entirely misplaced. Please point out who behaved childishly or belittled him in this thread, because I only really see the original poster as someone who acted childishly with his last post.

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