OW+ regenerative braking?

  • Wondering if the OW+ has regenerative braking? I haven't seen anything on this yet. It would be a shame if it's not there. I like knowing that when I'm pretty far out uphill and below 50% battery that I can get some range back on the way back down.

  • @stymie I'm 99% sure the answer is yes. It's pretty much the standard on electric vehicles and quality rideables at this point. I doubt if they improved upon the efficiency of the energy harvesting or they would be marketing it, but they didn't add a handbrake or anything, so...

  • @stymie, it would almost have to. It would have a LOT of energy to absorb somehow. If it didn't put it back into the battery it would probably convert it all to heat. A LOT of heat.

    Which reminds me, I keep meaning to take a thermographic video of the OW v1 in use.. The OW+ has a new motor design that improved heat management. Wanted to see what the v1 was doing.

  • yes it does. clearly marked on the original box art (not sure about the +)

  • @Zluz I did a short thermal shot - wasn't much to see (but we were just riding on flat surface): https://youtu.be/dFwHlDVJmrc

  • What @Zluz said. Regenerative breaking is just how electric vehicles transfer the energy of forward momentum to slow you down. The only alternative would be heat, which would just melt the motor and electronics and heat up the batteries, turning the Onewheel into a bomb.

  • @SeeTheInvisible
    Great video!
    Exactly what I was planning on doing, you already did it. I thought it was very interesting that it showed that the controller was putting off more heat than the motor or the battery. Still not excessive or anything so that's good.
    Very informative, thanks.
    I think I might still be interested in how much heat it still has over time. My impression from the OW+ video is that the v1 motor would still be putting out heat after it's been off a while.

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