Onewheel doesn't roll smooth since powering off while in motion

  • So I turned on my onewheel, rode about 2 meters uphill, and then it immediately powered off, throwing me off the board pretty roughly.

    When I turned it back on, it had forgotten all my settings (back to classic/light turned on again), and now it feels as if my wheel is like a 80 sided polygon when I ride. It's actually awful to ride.

    Anyone have any idea what happened and suggestions on repair. I am very well equipped tool/facility wise (from mechanics garage, to clean room access lol), and have experience with the most delicate (headstack assembly replacement on HDD) up to pretty heavy duty (2-stroke motorcycle) repair. I do not have the money to ship it from Canada to FM for repair.

    PS - it feels like what I associate with bearings that have somehow jammed and lost a roller.

  • Not sure what the problem is, but you should contact FM.
    If your OW is still under guarantee, they should pay for the shipping costs if you have to send it in for repairs...

  • it feels as if my wheel is like a 80 sided polygon when I ride.

    I like your description a lot :)
    I can perfectly imagine how it feels.

  • Doesn't sound good! Contact FM for sure, this doesn't sound like something you'll be able to fix yourself.

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