Anyone have a way to get thru to OneWheel?

  • I have left 15 messages without reply back.... does someone have another number than 1-800-283-7943 --- its becomeing ridiculous....

  • @carefreefamily most on this forum recommend emailing them at, and have reported pretty good response times

  • No, they will not reply or make themselves available in any way. It is truly ridiculous. I want to send money or talk to someone, it is impossible. The emails just generate an immediate robot response which suggest a reply will be forthcoming, don't hold your breath.

  • @groovyruvy tried the online way 3 times.... tells me I should get a reply within 24 hours.... not happening...

  • @carefreefamily got it. Not much to do except give them a minute to get back to you. Maybe they're tied up with CES? But why they'd be slow on the draw to respond, that's no bueno.

  • @carefreefamily I'm waiting on a response as well. Ordered a OW+ on January 5th using my PayPal. A day or two later I received a computer sent email that asked me for an alternate email. I filled in my email and then an email was sent saying my order was canceled. I'm really bummed, because I purposely ordered early to get the full perks package for ordering within the first 48 hrs. I called and emailed to hopefully clear up the situation but haven't heard from them... Hopefully soon.

  • They're most likely swamped with the Vegas show and new launch.

    I worked for a company where we had to do the Vegas show once a year and we were literally swamped 2 week prior for preperations and another 10 days after catching up.

  • I know a supplier they are not getting back to. They are just busy and trying to catch up. Annoying I know... give them some time I guess... They will get back eventually.

  • When a really small company is completely inundated with emails, I find the best thing to do is continue to email them over and over.

  • I have just received an answer from them !

  • @RodSlide There we go finally, and what did they say? What did you call them about, if you dont mind my question?

  • Thank you for you patience on the response. As you can imagine the various inboxes reached capacity quickly. We are now diligently working our way back through all the inquiries. We'll attempt to answer all your questions.

    1.  Guarantee - You say its guaranteed. What exactly does that mean?  Is it just referring to the warranty or is there a satisfaction guarantee?
    1. Guarantee was in reference to the warranty and overall just an assurance in the quality. No customer satisfaction guarantee or anything like that.
    1.  Founder 2 year warranty – What is covered and for how long?  Do you have specifics somewhere? I was disappointed to find out on the V1 that although you offered a 1 year warranty the battery was only covered for 6 months.
    1. The extended warranty is the same exact warranty but just 2 years now. Any parts listed separately in the warranty will have the same warranty period as before .
    1.  Battery – Does the OW+ use the same battery as original OW?
    2.  Controller – Does the OW+ use the same controller as original OW?

    3/4) All I'll say is we went back to the drawing board for Onewheel+ and changed quite a bit of the internals to provide this new experience. That said, we did not feel the need to pursue a bigger battery since safety and quality are bigger concerns to us than extending range.

    1.  Can the original OW be updated to use the new app/shaping 2.0?
    1. At this time Digital Shaping 2.0 will only be available for Onewheel+. We will continue to iterate on Onewheel firmware but the new shaping modes will exclusively for Onewheel+ at this time.
    1.  It the tire the same size/model?
    1. Yes
    1.  It looks like the rear foot pad is not completely covered n grip tape.  Any reason for this?
    1. Aesthetics! Vast majority of the footpad is still covered. You will not see any performance decrease.

  • @Ballagio I call them about free fender and bumpers, to know if all will be sent in one shipment. Answer ? No. 😕

  • @wr420 Thanks, good questions !

  • Just received an email from Future Motion at 12 midnight. Not sure if they are really responding to emails that late. I sent my email on January 7th. About a six day response time for people in the same situation. They helped me out with my ordering problem and got my order back on target. They are swamped, but are faithful to getting back to people in time. Looking forward to the OW+.

  • 6 days for a reply. You say that's the norm.

    Does anyone know if only the Onewheel+ will be delayed shipped in April and the Onewheel original will be shipped today if ordered?

    Just ordered both and I need to know what to expect.

    I would be very disappointed to know that the original One wheel will not be shipped til April also. Then I should of just ordered 2 Onewheel+s.

  • Had a buddy order a Onewheel (original) after the Onewheel+ announcement and it shipped within 2 business days.

  • @MartyMcFly
    Thanks. It helps a bit knowing.
    Question now: Will they withhold my Onewheel till they send my OW+ since it was on the same invoice. Have doubts but, if they're swamped, they might forget me.

    I'll wait atleast 6 days from purchase , before I bother them again. I hope they don't turn me into a "Trotter" advocate. LOL!

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