???Water resistant???

  • Since it is winter here in Tahoe, I ran my kids brand new Onewheel in wet conditions because it is advertised as water resistant. Their promo video even shows people riding on a wet beach. Our new toy died hard after 3 sessions. I now believe they are not water resistant at all and when I get it back from the factory I will be afraid of any water or rinsing whatsoever. The switch, the charge plug , the whole thing is suspect.

    Future Motion has been absolutely unavailable for any discussion or confirmation of my suspicions.

    I am totally bummed out about this whole thing , I have probably said Onewheel a thousand times in the last 50 days and my kids haven't even tried their Christmas present outside yet.

    Please share any wet weather successes or failures!! Do you rinse it ???

  • @Dirk try doing a search in this forum for water resistant, tons of comments about it. There seems to be 2 schools of thought- those that ride in water and have never had any issues, and those that have ridden in water and the board's failed. I don't do much wet riding, but when I do I tape up the on/off button and power port. Although lots of owners rinse off their OW, I never do, favoring a brush, damp rag, etc. Most of the guys I've riden with don't seem to eager to get their boards wet, although I've seen a few guys ride in water (including ocean salt water) and the boards didn't have any issues.

  • I wet ride all the time. Not just through little puddles, but 2-3" pools of water as well as riding in light to moderate rain. A few days ago I even did a snow ride in about 3" of snow. My charge port has been fully submerged and splashed with water all the time. The board was thoroughly covered in snow and the resulting melt off. I have yet to experience any water related trauma. That said, I see pictures and read stories on here all the time about how water has gotten under the grip tape and damaged the front foot sensors. This seems to be the most common form of damage to others. It is possible I will have a failure at some point, but for the time being I continue to wet ride multiple times a month (for over a year now). When the board is soaked, I just let it dry in a tray on my floor and plug it in to recharge after I am certain enough time has passed that the charge port is dry.

  • Tahoe killed my board too:(
    Summer though, riding through the lake.
    FM replaced the battery under warranty.

  • Here's a vote, actually two votes (two OWs), confirming the boards water resistance. I've rode through puddles and rain without complications. Tape or plug power outlet and button and found spray-offs fair game as well

  • Good to know guys thanks for the input. I would sure love to not worry about it and also be able to rinse! I guess for the first year at least.

  • I rinse mine all the time. Never has an issue there. When I killed one I was riding very deep, like I believed it was water proof deep.
    What I noticed after getting it back from FM was that the plugs going into the controller now have inserts in the terminals that had no wires to stop water from passing into the connectors. If you remove the 2 screws that hold the cover on and inspect the back of the 2 bigger plugs you should see something in every terminal, either a wire or a small insert in place of a wire.

  • I have had several boards and the only time they needed repairing its because they came into contact with water. I go through puddles and will ride in light rain but no more heavy water or through ocean water for me anymore. I have learned my lesson. Some people have gotten lucky but not me. Sorry to hear this... @Dirk

  • Thanks guys. I think "mildly water resistant" or damp or something other than "very wet " is more like it . The ad with beach riding was very enticing though.

  • Starting to fear the OW+ won't be nearly as "water resistant" as the original. Perhaps the hypercore which allows heat to escape the engine also allows water into?

    Their new ad doesn't show any water activity period, no puddles no beach (splashing). Either that or they learned from customer complaints about water damaged units.

  • Yes, good for them to remove those misleading ads, and yes water will kill it . Just ask my kids who haven't even tried their xmas present yet. I did just get an invoice for a faulty BMS though , hopefully that resolves itself (30+emails,30+phone calls} soon.

  • the power switch has only a small current to drive the led and there's no current in the charging port. covering these would not prevent damage as it would not prevent intrusion of moisture into the board.

    a fatal short would be in the battery pack or controller. the wooden deck and notorious 'sensor' are vulnerable to damage from moisture.

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