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  • As I've visited the forums over the last several days there seems to be an emerging theme of unresponsiveness to customer service inquiries...

    Having owned and subsequently sold a V1, I'm grateful to have never had an issue that required me to get in touch with Future Motion.

    That said, as someone who has ordered the OW+, I'd be lying in I said I'm not concerned with what appears to be a lack of attention to the needs/concerns of customers. I view this as a premium product at a premium price which would demand that extra level of customer service, similar to what one would expect when they purchase a luxury vehicle.

    Some have mentioned CES as the possible culprit. That said, knowing they were releasing the next version of OneWheel, and knowing that CES would generate a buzz, wouldn't it be prudent to staff up (even if temporarily) to handle what was going to be an inevitable increase in customer contact? Isn't it imperative, especially now, to make sure each existing customer and potential customers get an exceptional level of customer service? Isn't every V1 customer a potential customer for the V2? If you receive terrible service, or just no service at all, how much less likely are you to order another product?

    It'd be nice to have someone from FM weigh in on this, and more importantly, respond to the calls and emails submitted by customers who have already invested in the company. I'm super excited to receive my OW+ and get back to riding, but as one of the early purchasers, with concerns about potential bugs and things in a new product... the customer service/responsiveness piece becomes an even greater concern.

    edit: I have a number of friends who are on the fence about buying a OW. I hope they do, so I can have people to ride with. I'd love to be able to tell them the customer service is amazing as that might be just what it takes to push them over the edge. I'd welcome those of you who have had positive experiences to share as well--I understand there's often more attention focused on negative experiences as the satisfied people don't always speak up.


  • I've seen reports around the forum of great warranty support, but it looks like FM doesn't do a thing beyond post an announcement from time to time. Which is funny, really, because these forums aren't terribly active. You could have one part-time employee handling that.

  • I wouldn't say CES is a possible culprit... I'd say it's THE culprit.. Give them a little leeway, Future Motion is a very small company, and nearly all of their employees are currently in Vegas doing all they can to promote the new Onewheel (and Onewheel in general), so they grow the company.

    Remember, they started out 2 years ago as just one guy with a dream, and nearly overnight, after the Kickstarter, they suddenly had thousands of people expecting the world of them. I think they're doing pretty well, considering, and the end-product is worth the little bit of waiting you have to do from time to time.

  • @thegreck Greg, I understand they are a small company and the product they make is fantastic.

    I also understand that a complete lack of communication is a surefire way to incite customers who could be otherwise satisfied, or at the very least pacified, with a modicum of communication.

    It would take a handful of part time employees to field emails from customers, identify the serious problems from the inconsequential ones, and fire off an email, either addressing the issue directly, or even candidly, humbly saying "We apologize for the delay but we're tied up at CES and won't be able to reply until [insert date here]..."

    Much of customer service hinges on creating realistic expectations and communication. That seems to be lacking here.

  • I agree that FM should have invested more resources in customer service during this period. They've had my OW for 3 1/2 weeks now on a warranty claim, and I've heard nothing yet.

  • On one hand it's awesome that the company is growing, expanding and offering more products. On the other hand it's kind of silly that they don't devote more resources to customer service. It's not like they need an army, one or 2 folks could handle all emails, monitor / reply to forum topics, etc.

  • @groovyruvy It's winter break for a lot of college kids still--I'd imagine there are a number of college kids who'd have been happy to work for 1-2 weeks preceding CES and 1-2 weeks after for a free V1 OneWheel. Not sure of the legality of such a solution but....

  • I have had to contact support several times. I sent my 1st OW in once and the 2nd twice. The first one I rode into a lake. About 1/2-3/4 of the tire under water for 10-20ft.(New battery, no charge) The 2nd was a 300ish serial used OW way out of warranty. They took it back twice and replaced parts at no charge(controller/bms).
    Turn around time a consistent. 11-12 days door to door.

    I sent a request for info on Jan 5 and got a response today (Jan 10) explaining and apologising for the delay.

    Should we start posting our ?s and FMs responses?

  • @wr420 if that's a sincere question--apologies, sarcasm is often lost in text--maybe that would help... there is an FAQ section in the forums that might be a good place for people to post questions and replies from FM, especially in situations like this where there they are busy and responses are coming slowly.

    Maybe I'm in the minority though, and people aren't bothered by the slow response... I could certainly do well to be a little more easy going/patient so maybe this is a lesson for me as much as it is for them.

  • OW has 14 employees. 2 of them are customer support. Last week was CES.

    That's why the lag.

  • @Gosha Where did you get that information?

  • @dcosmos Just trust me. I can't really say how I know...

  • Guessing they hado a flood of emails after the release of the pre-sale given all the whining I've seen on the forum....just a guess. Wait your turn, they responded to my email from the 5th today so it just takes time. Go shred while you wait!

  • @OriginalEric I was just throughing it out there. I figure most have similar questions so why not just ask once.

  • OP I agree with you, it makes me a bit anxious seeing some of the horror stories about people not hearing anything for several weeks. But I guess we'll see, I just ordered my OW+ so hopefully everything goes smoothly and I won't ever have to contact them.

  • @HeyItsMike I wouldn't exactly call these "horror stories". These guys are just up in arms that during the Christmas break and the week after at CES, they can't get an email back per their acceptable time schedule. That's peanuts.

    I attempted to purchase a Marbel board two years ago and after numerous delays and flat out false promise shipping dates, I canceled my order after it had been eight months overdue from the time they told me it shipped. They still haven't even released their app which was due May 2015. Those guys have horrible customer service!

    OneWheel, although they're a bit delayed the last couple weeks, has always been on the up and up for me. Still miffed about the $300 price reduction, but what are you going to do... "technology". Lol

  • @wr420 said in The Customer Service Discussion:

    I was just throughing it out there.

    @wr420 said in The Customer Service Discussion:

    ...throughing it out there.

    @wr420 said in The Customer Service Discussion:


    @wr420 said in The Customer Service Discussion:


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  • @Rig throwing - happy now..

  • @Rig said:

    @wr420 said in The Customer Service Discussion:


    You have throughwn me threw a loop. I am broken.

    That kind of thing can really make someone "loose there" mind!

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