Shipping in March 2017?

  • Anyone else notice this on the home page? Looks like they had the same problem last year.

    Anyway, I hope that's the shipping date for new orders and not the ones placed at the beginning of January... What do you guys think?

  • I think I'll just ride my V1 until then. :-P

  • @Wrex Im jealous! I just sold mine.

  • Backed up till April now... That means by the time first orderers get theirs in Feb, the wait will be nearly 3 months or longer for new comers.

    Let the season of reselling for high profit begin.

  • @brianlavalle Yeah I thought maybe I'd sell it before I got the new one, then thought maybe I shouldn't. lol.

  • It would be great to get updates on here from anyone who's ordered a OW+ as to their shipping date. I've heard (via a major supplier to OW) and I hope the info is wrong that May will be the earliest the boards will ship.

    Like i said I hope that intel is wrong and this time they have their ducks all lined up based on the learnings of the V1 launch and delivery is February/April.

  • @Jimmers75 I ordered mine on the first day and heard nothing so far. Hopefully will be getting it in feb. I want the wife to ride with me! Until then I'm teaching her so I guess it's a good thing I can wait. Cause I know I'll be in it once it gets here.

  • Shipping begining feb. Told by a member from the team. They are in time.

  • @RodSlide Beginning of Feb? O RLY!

  • It seems like the shipping date changed accordingly as the three Pioneer ordering tiers became effective. Maybe it will be February for the first tier, March for the second tier, and April for the third Pioneer tier.

  • @Rig beginning in February. We are not so far 😊 and can use the V1. I was earlier under the rain, really fun !

  • Oh so beginning IN, not OF. Meaning anytime in February, got my hopes up there for an early shipment!

  • @8bit hope so ! Hope they will send fender with board, because we are still in winter and it's a must have for me.

  • @RodSlide Ahh gotcha. Beginning IN Feb, not beginning OF Feb.

    Looking forward to a release schedule.

  • @Rig I had an email back and forth with Jack the other day where I gave him my order number and asked him if they had an exact ship date yet. His response:

    "ship date is still a bit dependent on how many orders we have. We'll have a better idea by the beginning of February.

    Hang in there!


    I guess they are not going to start manufacturing until they know how many orders they have. I am assuming they are trying to keep their inventory of parts as close to the actual number of orders they have.

    Edit: now I've received another response to that same email from the general customer service account this time that is a little more concerning...

    "2) Doing everything in our power to ship your board by the end of February. Once the date approaches we will be able to share more details on shipping schedules, etc. You will have it soon though, no frets!"

    The good news is that I asked if the speed bump was something that really could be felt, and the response was "1) Yes. Like big time. You can now comfortable cruise at like 17MPH which is a game changer. Feels super fast." I cannot wait for that. When I'm cruising through NYC traffic I do feel like I'm just a little short on the power I need to shoot out of any dangerous situation I might get into.

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