Do I void warranty if I paint it?

  • What kine of mods will void the warranty of my board?

    I got some ideas to personalize my OW.
    Will even painting it void warranty?

  • Painting for sure will not void the warranty.

  • @fruitygreen, I think painting would be fine but I would suggest not painting over the serial number.

  • I'd ask the guys at FM before doing it.
    Maybe if you have to disassemble the board to paint it you can void it. Also painting the footpads might lead to some malfunction.

    I'd make sure it does not get voided first...

  • Paint it, enjoy it, void the warranty, replace the parts yourself. I'm hoping that the V2 wheel assembly will fit my V1 when I need it. Hell, make foot pads out of street signs and have them send you a sensor. Go Rogue my friend...

  • I like your attitude @Earthpilot

  • No, it won't void it.. it's just cosmetic

  • @matto on the topic of footpads..

    I bought an extra set (before they went scarce) and reworked both. The first step I took with both was to try to waterproof them.

    I think they're supposed to be generally waterproof to begin with but I wanted to really make sure. I liberally sprayed a waterproofing sealer around all edges of the sensor. Specifically, "Rust-Oleum LeakSeal flexible rubber coating." This forms a nice protective seal that is also very flexible so it does not interfere with the sensor. I am really happy with the results.

    If someone was going to do any customizing with the footpads, I would recommend the same treatment. In the case of painting, I think this could help prevent the paint from cracking at the seam and it would definitely help in preventing water from getting in and pooling on the edge of the sensor.

  • @Zluz
    That sounds like a great idea! I'm curious if it will be necessary for the + though, as the footpads look laminated this time around and maybe that will serve the same function as painting the wood. Guess we will find out, here's hoping!

  • @8bit, yeah; I am also very curious about the foot sensor on the OW+.

    First, I think its great that the top and bottom sensors cover the whole foot pad.

    • I do hope it is more protected against the elements in the new design; it doesn't seem like it should be that hard to completely seal the whole sensor up to the wire (so much that it could be submerged).

    I guess I have more of a concern that on the OW+ you'll be standing on the sensor, instead of standing on the wood and plastic foot pad, part of which included a sensor.

    • I hope it is still very strong so that it will not weaken or split under shear force, and

    • does not obscure the feel of the ride; should not be able to feel the sensor give when standing on them.

    Those are my concerns for the OW+ footpads, but I am sure FM did work to ensure these are not issues. If these footpads are available for sale I will definitely buy some to see if I could adapt them to my OW v1.

  • @Zluz I am thinking "Flexseal" .
    Thanks for the reply guys.

    Other mod I am thinking is a front skid or roller, for them nosedive on obstacles.

  • Someone else is thinking the same about rollers on the end.

    I believe there are solutions to prevent nosedives. Jyro has one of mine. Other solution would be a proximity sensor and also an active nose-up or nose-down controller.

    For those who never nosedive , has not yet ride fun places.

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