Observations from a new rider...

  • • The product is frickin amazing and completely addictive. I knew this thing was going to be a blast but didn't quite realize just how much. I grew up skating and spent years surfing and now, in my forties, without these outlets, felt a bit of a void. OW has quickly filled that void. I have a feeling I''m in their target market...

    • The control is more intuitive than I would have believed. Every time I go out, I get better and achieve more. The evolution of learning is so fluid and natural that I don't even notice it. When I first took this thing on the trails I couldn't get over certain obstacles without getting / jumping off the board (mainly root clusters) and just chalked it up to being technical impossibility. Now, I'm getting over and around the same spots without trouble. I take my OW on a local trail daily and love the feeling of earth surfing.

    • This community is strong and very helpful. I've read just about every post here, soaking in as much info as I can and continue to keep up with the posts. The passion for the OW from those of you here is testament to an amazing product and a passion from it's users. The conversations about rides, experiences and mods here is part of what made me feel comfortable about my investment (take note FM)! I live in a spot (Asheville) that seems to have a lot of riders and though I haven't met any yet, look forward to riding with others.

    So, thanks to FM for an amazing product and thanks also to this community for well...the community!

  • Agree regarding ride experience. Incredible and responsive. I've taken to riding around everywhere in NYC, and the control is amazing. And the feeling in the parks is magical.

  • Same here in Chicago I try ride everyday (even yesterday in the windstorm we had)

  • Thanks for the awesome message. I just bought OW+ and I can't wait to get it.

  • @tony420121 I'm glad I wasn't the only nut out there yesterday lol.. I rode out like 3 charges.. I've been out almost everyday except when snow was coming down hard/slip city on a few of the days... been the most fun I've had in a long time these past 5 months putting over 500 miles on my board.

    Have you noticed a reduction in range with the cold weather? I'm 215lbs n ride @20psi and during the past summer I was getting 5-6 miles per charge easily.. right now I'm barely hitting 3miles before having to recharge.

  • @GlueBreath That's definitely the case. The range is about half at 32 degrees. Some guy was saying he experienced no decrease in range in the cold but I think his brain was frozen.

  • @dcosmos Yea that's what I chalked it up to being.. for like a day it was driving me nuts I thought I was having battery issues after only 5 months/less then 150 recharge cycles and attempted to contact FM.. then I thought about it and it makes sense.. would be way too drastic of a loss of range almost overnight.

  • @GlueBreath Def decrease in range, I did not ride to day because it was raining ice and was slick and dangerous even for cars. I am 174 and run at 18-19 psi perfect amount of speed and absorption

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