First beach ride - Not covered under warranty!

  • After a month of riding on concrete I finally got to go to the beach. Was an amazing ride. I rode during low tide on hard wet sand through an occasional inch or two of tide water. Unfortunately I brought the board to the beach with about 20-30% battery so the thrill didn't last long. Afterwards the battery never re-charged and I had to end up shipping it back to FM. Now Support is saying they "need to replace your board's battery module due to water damage. The cost for replacement is $298.00." They offered to cover labor and shipping. The problem is I did nothing more than what is promoted on their videos, especially their video titled "Carving Ocean Beach." If that riding is not covered under warranty it should be disclaimed or give us guidance on how to improve water resistance on the board like plugs and tape, etc. Not cool Future Motion, let's talk.

  • @grinmoure - Are you saying you bought your ow new and it's only a month old? If so that's messed up, especially since that exact same thing happened to me in the first 1-2 months of owning mine and they replaced the battery at no charge. They seem to not have a consistent approach to warranty work. I would check the 2 large plugs going in to the controller.(2 screws under the sensor side of the board by the tire for access) There should be no open holes through the connectors. If they is a spot where there is no wire it should have a small plastic pin blocking the hole so water can't get into the connector. Mine was missing those origionally but were added when I got my OW back. When I wrote them about my beach fail, I specifically mentioned that I was riding on the beach just like they did in the advertisments. I would deffinity get someone higher up envolved.

    FYI I noticed that although the warranty is for one year they specify the battery is only covered for 6 months. Even more BS'y is that the 2 year extended warrany on the ow+ pioneer edition only covers the battery for 6 months.

  • Yep, had it for a little over a month. I wonder how I can escalate this since they hardly return calls and email response is rather weak.

  • @grinmoure I would ask to speak to a supervisor because it seems strange you are charging me for something that is a result of an activity you advertise this product to be capable of performing.

  • I've said this all along... Beach riding is just asking for trouble unless you stay out of the water for the most part. I stopped as both of my original boards needed service right after beach rides. So far future motion has covered fixing them for free. The fact that they show that kind of riding in videos then don't cover it is 100% BS. I would fight that if you can.@grinmoure I agree with @wr420

  • My original KS board also died after riding in and along the water line on the 2nd or 3rd beach outing. It was under warranty, sent in, and came back good as new (still running top notch). My 2nd board has survived a few similar trips after taking it out thinking there may have been minor design or durability improvements at some point since there were seemingly not as many beach/water failure posts. So far no problems with the 2nd board's outings. Apparently this is still an issue and ever since my original board died I have always thought it was somewhat misleading posting those beach videos. Even if it is likely to survive a beach run, ideally they need to be invincible to do such promotions.

  • @wr420 @MichaelW thanks I'll reply with an update. I saved the Carving Ocean Beach in case they remove it. I do intend to fight as it essentially amounts to misrepresentation if they insist on charging me for pursuing an activity FM promoted.

  • @grinmoure Ya looks like the beach riding videos were removed or moved. I don't see them on the home page or video page anymore.

  • Ours died on day two, charge number 3 . Wet sand, etc. it was so fun but...... never again? My kids still have not even tried their Christmas present, dad broke it first. Man the days go by slowly if you count them.
    It is really hard to make a claim if you can't get a hold of them and they screen their calls. Maybe if you say "Agent" or "Dealer" when the answering machine makes you say your name. I said Donald Trump and they still didn't answer

  • Hey grinmoure I really hope you are making progress with FM and not being held to that 298$ I am feeling your pain. It's so hard to argue with a silent unavailable entity that is swamped with prepaid orders. I feel like a well deserved personal apology from the owner or Kyle or whoever. I am so frustrated, good luck to you!!

  • This exact thing happened to me a month after I got mine. However, they fixed mine as part of the warranty. This incident happened a year ago to the day almost from today. I'd be plenty upset if they charged me that much, but I know that I ultimately would have paid it to get my board back.

    My confusion was much the same as yours because I recalled seeing videos of them doing exactly what I was doing.

    Ultimately, I wouldn't ride in water on the beach. maybe on hard sand, but I know I'd keep it out of the water. You can buy XLR plugs to cover the recharge port. That's about the best protection from water that you can get. However, I keep mine out of the water unless it's shallow puddles.

    Sorry for your hard luck. Believe me, I know it sucks.

    Try these for some added assurance from wetness protection:

  • @wr420 they sure were. I downloaded it from Youtube, where it remains in their channel. 2 of the videos on their site though show the board going through a good splash of water. So far no response after emails and voicemails. Unfreakin real.

  • @Dirk thank you. It's been 5 days since they gave me the estimate but no responses since then.

  • Update. I emailed the CEO which prompted Future Motion to immediately set up a ticket. 24 hrs later I get an email reply where they are standing firm but offering me a 20% discount on the repair citing "substantial water ingress." This isn't over and I am still without my board, on the east coast...

  • @grinmoure well that's some progress at least. I really wish FM would either make all of their boards fully waterproof, or offer a waterproofing upgrade, which I'm betting lots of us would gladly pay for.

  • @groovyruvy yeah but no word since. Great product POOR customer service. They're averaging 1 email response per week. This is pathetic.

  • Can anyone guide me to a statement Future Motion has made regarding water resistance for the Onewheel? The manual only says wet conditions will impair handling.

    I've been riding mine in rain and puddles for several weeks without a problem, and getting it good and soaked. I wonder where I got the idea it was water-resistant? Maybe I just picked it up in the forum. The video loop on the site shows people on the beach but not near the water.

    If they don't claim any water resistance, I probably should stop riding in the rain.

  • @dalisdair it was probably from this video published and produced on the Onewheel official YouTube channel:

  • @RandomNate

    Thanks, I hadn't seen it. I guess I'll start taping and plugging, and not riding so much in heavy rain.

    Good luck @grinmoure

  • @dalisdair while there isn't any direct remarks to the entire board being waterproof/resistant, there is 2 things written in the commonly asked questions post in the FAQ part of the forum that do mention it :

    1. Why no swappable batteries?
      Good question - Our batteries are not easily 'hot swappable' because they are housed in a module that is completely sealed for weather proofing. batteries are housed inside one of the foot panels which are completely sealed making the Onewheel life-proof (water proof, grit, dirt, sand, ect.) We are really focused on extending our range within our current design.

    2. Does the Onewheel work in wet conditions?
      Why yes, it does! We wouldn't go swimming with it, but it works great it wet or damp enviornments.

    Good luck OP with the warranty claim!.. I've never seen a warranty that covers water damage.. read the fine print.. usually voids it.