First beach ride - Not covered under warranty!

  • @wr420 they sure were. I downloaded it from Youtube, where it remains in their channel. 2 of the videos on their site though show the board going through a good splash of water. So far no response after emails and voicemails. Unfreakin real.

  • @Dirk thank you. It's been 5 days since they gave me the estimate but no responses since then.

  • Update. I emailed the CEO which prompted Future Motion to immediately set up a ticket. 24 hrs later I get an email reply where they are standing firm but offering me a 20% discount on the repair citing "substantial water ingress." This isn't over and I am still without my board, on the east coast...

  • @grinmoure well that's some progress at least. I really wish FM would either make all of their boards fully waterproof, or offer a waterproofing upgrade, which I'm betting lots of us would gladly pay for.

  • @groovyruvy yeah but no word since. Great product POOR customer service. They're averaging 1 email response per week. This is pathetic.

  • Can anyone guide me to a statement Future Motion has made regarding water resistance for the Onewheel? The manual only says wet conditions will impair handling.

    I've been riding mine in rain and puddles for several weeks without a problem, and getting it good and soaked. I wonder where I got the idea it was water-resistant? Maybe I just picked it up in the forum. The video loop on the site shows people on the beach but not near the water.

    If they don't claim any water resistance, I probably should stop riding in the rain.

  • @dalisdair it was probably from this video published and produced on the Onewheel official YouTube channel:

  • @RandomNate

    Thanks, I hadn't seen it. I guess I'll start taping and plugging, and not riding so much in heavy rain.

    Good luck @grinmoure

  • @dalisdair while there isn't any direct remarks to the entire board being waterproof/resistant, there is 2 things written in the commonly asked questions post in the FAQ part of the forum that do mention it :

    1. Why no swappable batteries?
      Good question - Our batteries are not easily 'hot swappable' because they are housed in a module that is completely sealed for weather proofing. batteries are housed inside one of the foot panels which are completely sealed making the Onewheel life-proof (water proof, grit, dirt, sand, ect.) We are really focused on extending our range within our current design.

    2. Does the Onewheel work in wet conditions?
      Why yes, it does! We wouldn't go swimming with it, but it works great it wet or damp enviornments.

    Good luck OP with the warranty claim!.. I've never seen a warranty that covers water damage.. read the fine print.. usually voids it.

  • @dalisdair Here's what I think happens, (or at least with mine): If you get water up to the deck level, you run the risk of getting water into the LED lights, battery area, and charge port, which shorts our the circuits. Mine shorted out when I ran out of juice and plugged it it. There was a pop (there always is if I don't plug in the port first and then into the wall, even with it bone dry), and it wouldn't charge. I think I got water into because the water level was right at the bottom of the deck.

    I'd say shallow puddles are fine, even riding in the rain, but I'm way more careful now about going in any water. What FM needs to do is take that video off of the site and stop acting like it's okay to ride them in the water, or at the very least they need to make a disclaimer before that video that it can short out the board.

  • @hekkubus

    Thanks, I feel better again, I guess. With a new OneWheel coming, I'll have a spare to do sketchy stuff on, but I'll stay off the beach. I've got a concrete beach with the SF Embarcadero, and it's one of the funnest spots to ride.

  • The OW+ video certainly shows beach would hope they've addressed this issue in the new model.

  • Solution- buy your next Onewheel from Best Buy. Pay $199 for the extended warranty (2 years). My OW starting making a weird noise...I took it to Best Buy and they swapped it out for a brand new board on the spot. no questions asked, no waiting, no BS.


    Watch the video of Kyle at 11:56. He says "ya, it's very waterproof"
    Gonna have to save this one.

  • @wr420 doesn't do much good for the original OW owners, but good to know for the + purchasers.

  • @e-ball I got something for you, check out this video where the OW rep says point blank that you can ride it at the beach and as long as you don't submerge it you should be fine:

  • @RandomNate yeah, sounds like they will need to take care of anyone who sustains water damage riding on the shore.

  • From that youtube description on the official channel;
    "The Onewheel Adventure series is all about getting outdoors, finding awesome terrain and shredding like it's 2015.
    Get out there, ride in places you've never thought possible and get after it!"

    Poor marketing message, risking liable if you're not going to cover water damage yet promote it like this as an electronic skim board.