OneWheel PLUS Harder for Beginners?

  • Yes, the plus will likely be a safer ride but I'm thinking with the sensor being the whole pad now it will be more difficult to dismount for newbies. Although, getting on may be easier... My wife says she thinks she will like the V1 better. The easiest thing is to tell people to jump off with both feet (if they run into trouble) but sometimes I find people accidently go with their back foot first and that leads to panic as board goes exhilarating in the one direction. So I usually tell them to just shimmy off that front sensor so that is drops down easy. Bottom line is raising the heel or moving the foot to the side is not as easy for most people scared and just learning... Anyone else have this thought?

  • Yeah I'm curious about that, as well. My chosen method is to slip my leading foot toe towards the front of the board until it clears the sensor and disengages the board. I may have to adapt to another method.

  • Put some pressure on your rear heel, then go on your toes with your front. it's pretty easy.. I don't like jumping off..

  • Yeah I don't recommend anyone jump off unless they are in trouble. Getting off for me is as simple as turning my toes slightly to the side then lifting my heel. I'm talking about beginners mostly... Also, my wife likes the shimmy technique. lol @njcustom

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