Onewheel plus, no pushback?

  • @Mighty-Whitey me too...

  • Is there anywhere that hints at no pushback wth the ow+? I have yet to see that claim/idea until this thread. It would seem like a reasonable possibility, especially since they say they expanding ride profiles. That would definitely be a nice option!

  • @sidebox I assume so because they claim 19mph top speed.. I forget what speed the push back kicks in but I'm pretty sure with the OW+ it will be at higher speed..

  • @njcustom gotcha. My problem is hat I know I'll be pushing the top speed no matter what, so I was just expecting pushback anyway. Now that I think about it, the extra speed might not make me feel the need to push to the max all the time, so now I'm hyped for the same thing. March can't get here soon enough! (Not buying into the feb targeted shipping anymore...)

  • @sidebox yup, I'm thinking the same thing

  • They can't do away with pushback totally as it is a safety concern. The boards used to have pushback that you and many others would have loved @njcustom. It would would give you pushback but keep the board level. The only problem with that was people were easily ignoring it and hurting themselves going too fast in the beginning (30 plus). Two people close to the company broke their arms in the first couple weeks. Thats was the end of that. The boards can go much faster its just not safe and they don't want to risk people getting cocky and killing themselves...

    Its not about how fast the board will go, its about how fast is responsible knowing that there are people out there that regardless of how long they have been riding will do dumb shit! LOL

  • Like @MichaelW said, they'll definitely still have pushback, they have to. But if the V2 motor is fast enough that they can advertise a top speed of 19mph, then we know it can be pushed to beat the crazy speeds people are already pushing the V1 boards too. Interested to see the speeds the ballsier riders in this forum post when they start shipping these things!

  • @MichaelW Yep agree with MichaelW, I was the first person the break my arm with no pushback on ver 1.0 firmware. Pushback is welcome in my book!

  • First post- thought i should add something.
    I experienced the unexcepted nosedive today. I was fighting pushback and my motor just cutout. Of course i went flying, but somehow i fell elegantly. Right after standing up, I ran and bought myself a good helmet.

    The thing is, i don't think pushback is totally about protecting the one wheeler. It's also protecting the motor. You know how when you fight pushback your motor makes some kinda weird noises? That's because you're pushing your motor pretty hard. If you start pulling too much power, the motor could have been programmed to cut out in order to protect itself.

    Apparently the new motor is different, and of course faster. There's a chance it won't need to cutout because it's been designed (on the box) to go maybe 18ish? If we look at our old boxes they said max speed of 12mph. The update allowed it to push about 15, but you might just be experiencing the limits of the motor.

    Kind of like what happens if your engine revs too high- things go wrong. Just my opinion- i'm definitely wearing a helmet after those nosedives. Not sure about the wrist guards, they seem like a real pain to wear.

  • @shaka-wheeler I've had mine to 21mph and it didn't cut off.. you either came off the sensor and didn't know or you have a faulty board or sensor..

  • @njcustom I wear flat skate shoes and stay very planted on my board. My board is about 2 weeks old, so everything's in pretty good shape on means of the sensors
    Were you going downhill? I use to work with motors a lot on my old goped. Their motors made the same noise when the motor couldn't keep up with the speed of the wheel. Maybe you got lucky with a superior motor?

  • @shaka-wheeler sometimes boards come defective..It happens and I've read about many of them.. the motor does make a crazy growling sound but it never shut off on me in over a year.. I was on flat ground, not a hill.. a hill won't make you go any faster.. the motor is doing the work unlike a bicycle where the hill does the work.. hope that makes sense lol

  • @njcustom It makes perfect sense. How would i know if mine is defective? it sounds fine until i'm doing about 17mph and fighting pushback. then it makes a sort of clicking noise. I figured it was the limit of the motor, but not i'm not too sure.

  • @shaka-wheeler upload a video if you can

  • @njcustom Just had another problem with my onewheel- a pretty big one. It's posted as a forum on the general one. If you would check it out i'd really appreciate it

  • 18 to 19 is good.. After 20 any little wobble or mistake and the wipe out can turn bad. It's faster than most people can run. Had my first major wipe out last night on an eglide at 25mph.... It was bad but I tried to fall the best I could.. Landed hard and burned up my arms and gut. But protected my chin which ended up juuuust an inch off the ground... Any faster and I would be eating through a straw for months.

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