Feedback on repack - tune up experiences

  • For those of you that have sent in their OW's to FM for a repack/tuneup service, did you notice any difference in the way it rode when you got it back?
    I ask because my OW seems to be nose diving at a lower speeds than it did origionally. In the P0wheel app I used to get speeds around 20-21mph before the nose would dip out but now it seem like I can hardly get over 16-17 mph without the nose dropping out and having to recover.
    I'm coming up on 750miles and wondering if there is a calibration that they perform that might right this issue. I will email them also and ask the same thing but I wanted to get actual experiences and not a sales pitch, plus they seem kind of busy at the moment.

  • What firmware did you have sending it in,
    and did it come back with the same or different?

  • Sorry for the confusion, I have not sent my OW in for a repack/service(it does has latest firmware). The issue I am having has just come about over time. What I am wondering is if people who have sent in their OW's for the repack/tune up feel like it made a difference in the way it rides? Are they re calibrating the dark magic at all or just replacing a few parts and cleaning it up?
    ie when you got it back did you feel like "wow this is how my OW is supposed to ride!" or was it the same as when you sent it in just cleaner?

  • @wr420 Yes. I have sent my board in for the Reload + Tuneup pack twice in the last year and a half. The first time, it was a similar situation to yours where a bad crash left me without full confidence in the board. If you are not feeling 100% about the board running the way you want it, a tuneup will give you that back! They fully inspect the motor, battery health, hardware and firmware to get the board running like the day you first received it.
    If you live in the USA the turnaround is about 3 weeks max - a week there, a few days to service and a week back. Kinda sucks, but was totally worth it for me.

  • Mine went in for firmware update.
    It was much smoother but noticed pushback kicks in sooner.
    After a while, I don't notice it as I got used to it.
    I much prefer the latest update.

  • @slydogstroh FM has had my board 1 month today and I've still not heard from them or received a response to my RFI email.

  • @dcosmos That sucks!! It appears they have been swamped since they had the deal on the V1 before the holidays. Hopefully they will be back on track soon (and considering hiring more people for their support team)... In my experience service has been excellent and response emails have come right away. Really hope @Future-Motion sees the importance of that.

  • I had a very bad Crash resently do to nosedive issue and ever sense that crash I have 0 convidence in my board! I think I need so send it. I live in Bay area wonder if I can drop it off and pick it up when its done. I will wait till my OW+ comes in though.

  • @Mighty-Whitey - I live in Bay too and I have asked about dropping off and picking up n the past and they said no:(
    Maybe you will have better luck, can't hurt to ask. Where you at btw? Once it warms up again I do some night rides around the San Mateo area.

  • @slydogstroh Thanks, I'm hoping whatever they did to your's to put back the confidence they can do for mine. lol

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