Onewheel Chicago - Fall 2016 video edit

  • LINKED HERE is a little compilation of clips showing some of the footage I was able to get of the good times in 2016. My only regret is that I barely filmed anything!! This is my first video ever and I made it with random clips I picked up last year - mostly on lunch break at work in Downtown Chicago.
    In 2017 I'm going HAM!! I have so many group skate routes and fun filming ideas for this year... I'm determined to make it a great one!

    NOTE: I posted this in the Onewheel Owners Group on Facebook a few days ago. If you're on FB you should join the conversation over there as well! Cheers. I hope you guys like the vid!

  • @slydogstroh Nice work, sly!

    Just wrecked pretty hard yesterday, currently licking my wounds and nursing a pulled hammy on my goofy trail leg from near 20 mph nosedive in extreme setting. Think I might need to stay on elevated or quit being so stupid.

    Sweet compilation, man. Good vibes watching it and can't wait to get back OW'ing. How'd you splice the clips so nicely? Dig the variety of shots, on-board and stationary, etc. Subscribed just now on YT. Peace, man.

  • Nice vid!!

    I noticed you ride with your heels almost outside the footpads and your toes completely in! I have to have my feet almost completely centred to feel I can steer equally comfortable for one side or another.

  • AWESOME EdiT !!!

  • Awesome Vid, I live right off LSD on Lawrence and am looking forward to riding around the city on it.

  • @HeyItsMike Hell yea man! I'd love to ride with you sometime. I've been ripping it up all over town since this time last year and know some really awesome spots. Check the ride group in my signature! Hope to see you around.