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    Voltage is the name of the game.
    More juice power, means more room needed which require changing the size of the frame.
    It's probably a more efficient motor/better quality, which will produce a bit more power/torque is my guess. It's why they named it +, not V2.
    When Tesla releases the newer battery that shoot more voltage for the same size, expect a V2 with 20+ mph.

    Is the onewheel using tesla cells? If so you are bang on.

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    The "hypercore" thing doesn't really make sense to me.

    That's a logical fallacy known as an "Argument from incredulity," which means "I can't imagine how this could be true, therefore it must be false." I guess we have to assume it makes sense to the electrical engineers who came up with it. I don't even understand how motors work at all, but they do.

    Maybe the v1 motor didn't suffer from overheating because they (attempted to) limit the speed to 15mph. It's possible the + can go faster simply because they were able to pull heat from the motor, so now they don't have to put the same limits on the speed.

    I think they are blowing smoke... Have you ever heard of a motor replacement because of overheating??

    Overheating is actually a major cause of failure in electric motors:

  • I can't believe we didn't get any feature that addresses one of the fundamental challenges to the Onewheel system - its ignorance of ground surface incline.

    We are all taking our OWs up and down hills, but we have to keep in mind when we are going to start grinding. Because the board wants to stay level.

    I was holding out for that. Never once did I think I needed more power (though I'm hopeful that it might improve the ride in ways that I will like).

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    e going to start grinding. Because the board wants to stay level.

    I thought there's a "incline" mode?

  • @willcapellaro I don't think this is an issue. On the V1, my motor dies out before I scrape my nose on steep inclines. As long as you don't push it too hard, too fast up a steep hill, you shouldn't nosedive.

  • @willcapellaro Totally agree, and I've thought about this many times. I don't like elevated mode because all it does is lift the nose the entire ride, when the only time you need it is going UPhill, not when you're going downhill or on straightaways. To me, it's extremely uncomfortable to ride with the nose up, especially when going downhill when you need it to be doing the opposite.

    However, I think to accomplish this it would take massive reworking of the electronics as well as putting sensors on the underside of the deck, where they're sure to be damaged almost immediately. But hopefully they're working on figuring this one out!

  • @s2kboy Yeah, and there should a "decline" mode as well, plus levels of incline and decline. They haven't given us any new modes in years.

    When I ride on rolling hills in Wisconsin I will use incline to climb the hill, then switch to extreme to go down. However, when I go down, I have to worry about scraping the bottom of the trailing deck.

    Not much fun when you are going fast. And if you turn around to go up the hill to pick up your sunglasses, you will face plant. :(

    I really hope they could at least update the firmware and app so we can use them in more areas, even if we will have to pull out our phones at every crest and valley to switch modes.

    But for the v3 board it would be really nice if we didn't have to. We could actually use skate parks as intended, and ride any streets or roads we want.

  • @thegreck See my reply to s2kboy.

    I've thought a lot about how they could do it. You hit on some concerns, there are probably many others. Derek is smart he could figure it out eventually. It would be an undertaking, but I think the product would have a ton more value, especially to people in places with topography. I live in Chicago. We are as flat as a pancake so I'm okay, but I can't fathom how people in SF or Seattle tolerate it. It's not a lightweight device to carry up a hill!

    For now, but I'd be happy with a compromise of more modes that we can use manually, and making those easier to switch. Supposedly the Apple Watch lets you change modes, I'd be curious if people find that useful.

  • @jeffmccosker What modes are you using?

    You and all the rest of us riders are limiting ourselves to riding on terrain that we won't scrape on. Encounter a steep enough hill in the wrong mode and you will scrape.

    I know there is a limit - at some point you will slip off the board. I'm not looking to climb (or descend) everest, but I do want to be able to ride naturally over basic terrain. Because this is more than the possibility of scraping—the board's inability to know what surface it's on means that we are compromising the ride. Yes, we're humans and we can compensate, learn a hack, and call it a day, but that's just psychology.

    Ever take your Onewheel in a skate park? It's sad. We can bite off just a tiny bit of ramp and then have to shoot back the other way.

    Boosted makes claims about their ability to climb hills (and that's just them talking about their motor, of course a basic longboard a motor strapped to can avoid running aground).

    Every car, bicycle, and roller skate "knows" what it's surface it's on, and that incline or decline affect the ride in a very natural way.

    It can only improve the ride, performance, and safety if they bring Onewheel in line with every other wheeled vehicle. We don't need to be motocross, but we need to stop being boats (best I can think of - as the OW "floats" and is blind to the terrain below it).

    /Rant over I don't mean to troll about this here, I think it warrants a feature request thread. I don't think it's worth putting above other features, but I do think we need a few more ride modes as a stopgap, and FM needs to prioritize this feature in their backlog at some point if they want to grow the business. Too much to go into here as to why.

  • @willcapellaro yeah you're right man, I only ride the easy stuff. Sorry.

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