• @jeffmccosker What modes are you using?

    You and all the rest of us riders are limiting ourselves to riding on terrain that we won't scrape on. Encounter a steep enough hill in the wrong mode and you will scrape.

    I know there is a limit - at some point you will slip off the board. I'm not looking to climb (or descend) everest, but I do want to be able to ride naturally over basic terrain. Because this is more than the possibility of scraping—the board's inability to know what surface it's on means that we are compromising the ride. Yes, we're humans and we can compensate, learn a hack, and call it a day, but that's just psychology.

    Ever take your Onewheel in a skate park? It's sad. We can bite off just a tiny bit of ramp and then have to shoot back the other way.

    Boosted makes claims about their ability to climb hills (and that's just them talking about their motor, of course a basic longboard a motor strapped to can avoid running aground).

    Every car, bicycle, and roller skate "knows" what it's surface it's on, and that incline or decline affect the ride in a very natural way.

    It can only improve the ride, performance, and safety if they bring Onewheel in line with every other wheeled vehicle. We don't need to be motocross, but we need to stop being boats (best I can think of - as the OW "floats" and is blind to the terrain below it).

    /Rant over I don't mean to troll about this here, I think it warrants a feature request thread. I don't think it's worth putting above other features, but I do think we need a few more ride modes as a stopgap, and FM needs to prioritize this feature in their backlog at some point if they want to grow the business. Too much to go into here as to why.

  • @willcapellaro yeah you're right man, I only ride the easy stuff. Sorry.

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