OWheelBuddy and Onewheel Apps, (% battery not accurate) What about you?

  • On my iPhone, The OWheelBuddy app. show 17% battery remaining , but no more juice remaining to keep on. The board refuses to keep on.
    So, I turned on the Onewheel app. and the remaining battery was the same as the OWheelBuddy!!!
    Long walk to comeback home!

    But after I turned the board off and then turned it back on, the Onewheel app. show another message ( more accurate this time) Message: ERROR!, Need some juice.

    The OWheelBuddy app. never advised me that my OW battery was totally death after a distance of 9.72 mi. (15.64 km ). Even after I put off and on. It showed 17%.
    Data was:
    Battery: 17%
    Consumption: 128%
    Regeneration: 13%
    But, in reality: no more juice.


  • @Norm I think I've read somewhere on here that the board gets the battery value from a single cell, so if your cells are unbalanced the reading could be wrong. Letting your board plugged in for 24-48 hours to rebalance your battery cells might fix this.

  • @Norm At the moment, OnewheelBuddy doesn't display any of the internal errors up to now. As @l4rzzz mentioned, the battery indicator the board reports is calculated maybe on different values than just the voltage of the whole battery pack which consists of 16 cells.

    To fix the behaviour of your board I'd recommend that you keep it on the charger for at least one night to get the single cells of the battery pack balanced again, then everything should be ok I guess.

    btw: I saw that you even shared your track on the map - nice to see that some riders are sharing tracks from about the other side of our planet (I'm from Austria - the developer of OnewheelBuddy...).

  • @SeeTheInvisible and @l4rzzz

    Thanks to both of you for your help, I will charge my OW a full day ( after my afternoon ride)

    I have one question about OnewheelBuddy, ( I very like this app. )
    " estimated remaining range according to my current riding profile, where is this information in the app?"

    I will share more track soon, there is so many very nice areas here in Hawaii.


  • @SeeTheInvisible Just curious - do you think we'll ever see some of the features on Android? :)

  • @Larklen Yes definitely, there are just a lot of things to do at the moment but it'll definitely move forward ;)

  • Android user / fan here. I'd love to have those features too.
    Yesterday I was fooling around and I fell pretty hard while carving. When I arrived home I saw a notification in my phone saying something like "No contact with the footpad was detected at 10mph. Either you fell or made a very nice jump."


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