*SOLD* OneWheel for sale: Los Angeles (local pick-up only)

  • SOLD I have really thought about keeping this, and I still may, just so my friends have a board to ride on. I purchased a new OneWheel, and I'd like to offset the cost by selling my original OneWheel. If it doesn't sell for asking price, it may be best to keep it. It is in good mechanical and overall condition. It has some typical frame scratches that were there from the first owner (who rode it very little, but learned on it) and bumper scratches (as those are of course made to be scratched since they touch the ground and are changeable). The board has been vinyl wrapped in camo, and looks excellent. It has under 200 (175 miles to be exact as of 1/23/17) total miles on it, and that was checked as of today when I rode it and used the OneWheelBuddy App. It rides like a dream, and would like to keep it, but my friends don't ride enough for me to justify keeping it just to have them use it as a second board.

    SOLD - Thanks!

    The board will come with Future Motion's fender, the charger, and the box. Local pick-up only and cash payment upon pick-up. If you're interested please message me. The price is firm and non-negotiable, sorry. Sale is final/as-is.

  • Still for sale. There has to be some local folks looking for a great board for a great price.

  • @T-CAT Is your Onewheel still available?

  • Unfortunately it is, ha-ha. If it sells I'm going to miss the heck out of it until another arrives, and who knows whether Future Motion is correct on their timeline. LOL

  • @T-CAT can I check it out? I'm in Los Angeles.

  • Are you still interested in selling? I'm checking out another used board in LA today.

  • Hi Patrick,

    I am still interested in selling. I've had a few folks interested, but the first person to come check it out and hand over the cash will get it. I'll send you a PM with contact information if you're interested in buying it.

  • @T-CAT yes I'm still interested. Are you near hollywood?

  • Lmk because I'm checking out another board today.

  • Hi Patrick, I just sent you a text. Thanks

  • This OneWheel now has a new home and a great owner. Enjoy it! Thank you

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