OW+ Thoughts - Sport vs Utility upgrade

  • Since ordering my Onewheel Plus: Gold Edition, I have been spending more and more time thinking about the Onewheel+ and the direction that Future Motion is taking its product. These are my thoughts. TL;DR at the bottom.
    Going into the reveal, all I wanted was the board to become more of a utility for me. Less weight, swappable batteries, and air travel compatible all came to mind. When the reveal came, I was a bit disappointed. Making a full footpad the sensor and improving the motor at first seems like just a nice small upgrade. Since purchasing, however, I’ve started considering that this may be a bigger deal than I first thought – an upgrade directed at developing the SPORT of riding onewheel.

    1. The sensor upgrade: What will the full-footpad sensor allow us to do?
      I noticed that the reveal video has tons of ledge drops and extreme offroad conditions. My v1 has been great going over cracks in the pavement and smooth grass or dirt but any seriously bumpy terrain and my foot wants to slide off the sensor, meaning I have to slow down/readjust to avoid a crash and continue riding confidently. Try to drop off any larger curb or ledge with the V1 and you have the issue that you have to land directly on the sensor strip, and of course maintain your balance, in order to ride off. FM seems to be pushing the PLUS as an upgrade that will allow us to tackle different terrains and ‘tricks’. Think about that vid on insta of the kid launching off a dirt bike kicker… no other board on the market can do that. I think I’m gonna like this! My new goal will be to ride some gnarlyer spots and get better at the trick game.

    2. More Powerful Motor:
      This community really likes to go fast! We all want to boast that we went faster than the other guy and that our top speeds are so much faster than the advertised top speed. Since the addition of the OWheelBuddy app’s leaderboard feature – the community there is now trying to reach faster speeds and push our limits on the board. (always wear protection).
      As @thegreck said in another thread, more power from the motor "means that all the reasons we love our Onewheels (the buttery ride, the amazing control, the ability to take on most any terrain) just got a nice boost."
      Hopefully the upgrade to the motor will deliver on its promise to allow us to ride up bigger hills and obstacles, reach higher top speeds and add stability.

    Anyway, I am WAY more stoked on the changes Future Motion has made with the OnewheelPlus now that I’ve given it some thought. Although I would LIKE swappable batteries for range and air travel purposes – I read somewhere that R&D is expensive and must move slowly. Take a look at Boosted Boards and the flop that was the V2 release late last year. This is a great example of R&D that was rushed in order to keep up with market demands – leading to huge delays and I'm sure loss of profit. OW is already in a league of its own and Future Motion’s goal shouldn’t be to match the specs made by other products.

    At the end of the day, I really love the Onewheel and the community I have found both locally, on the OWowner FB page and in this forum. I do hope that one day there is a Onewheel product that I consider to be the "full package transportation utility vehicle".. But until then, I fully trust that the team at Future Motion intend on continually improving their product by giving us meaningful upgrades that they can actually deliver. And hopefully some great customer service along the way. @Future-Motion
    TDLR; I’m stoked for the full footpad sensor, I’m stoked for a more powerful motor, I’m stoked for the Sport of Onewheel > the Utility of Onewheel. But seriously I just picked up a taco from down the street. In style. It’s been another great day as a OW owner.

  • I was a bit disappointed as well, but have really come around to it the last week or so. I've had a few wrecks recently due to the motor not being able to keep up as well as losing contact with the sensor due to the size. The upgrade on the plus should solve these issues and make the board more reliable so you can completely trust it. All in all, I'm very hopeful for the improvements and looking forward to shredding my plus until the 2 comes out with the major upgrades.

  • The improvements were thoughtful, and appropriate. They met my expectations, except for not giving into our demand for a change in the coloration (black) :)

    Swappable batteries would have been the coup de grace, but still giving the upgrade a solid A/A- review (Based on pure theory, haven't ridden it yet).

  • I am on board with everything that you all have said. 1 thing that know body is talking or asking for is concave from toe to heal like skate boards have. I like the tail and nose concave upgrades but what about toe and heal concave? When I ride half pipes and bowls on my skateboard thats what keeps me on the board in every direction! Without that I don't think people would have progressed on skateboards as much as they have! This is one thing that I'm already working on for my OW, I'm sure will work with my OW+ when I get it! Just my thoughts from a skater mind set. Anybody wonder, whats your thoughts?

  • @jeffmccosker

    Good way to put it.

    I was anticipating more voltage for more speed/torque.
    But I guess that would've required bigger size frame for bigger battery.
    Looks like FM went for motor upgrade. Smart move.

    Hopefully, they'll come up with more powerful batteries in the near future.

  • Hooray for tacos.

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