Mafia discount code received.

  • Pioneer Edition has the Feb 28 expiration date. Act now before these limited edition once-in-a-lifetime bags disappear off the face of the planet, never to return :)

  • I don't plan on using my code. If anyone wants it, shoot me a DM.

  • @jeffmccosker FYI, cddeitz just hit me up on Instagram and claimed the code.

  • I used my code - I'm a sucker for this thing.

  • @aris is nice, I think it's a bit unpractical but I like the look and quality of it, if there's strong feedback from other people here, I might use my code before the end of Feb

  • If anyone would like a 25% off code for the Maria bag message me.

    I'll sell it to ya for 15% of the savings. ;) jp but let me know if ya want it.

  • I have a code too which I don't plan on using so if anyone wants it let me know.

  • Does anyone know if the Mafia OW bag has a compartment to hold the charger, and maybe storage for pads? Or any storage at all? Or is it really just a carry sleeve for the OW?

  • The major disappointment for me with this bag is the lack of backpack straps and padding. I'm unsure if it has any compartments to store the charger, etc., but if not then that's another drawback for me. It's difficult to fork out the money purchasing this bag with drawbacks like that. I'd like to see Future Motion and the bag company work together to address those points of interest in the near future.

  • @T-CAT I have ordered a back pack from @Jimmers75. Based on the photo's of the concept it looks like the perfect solution. Backpack with compartiment for charger and additional battery pack and straps for the one wheel. I will update after I have received and tested it.

  • Thanks! I've heard nothing but fantastic things about that bag, and I'm still considering it. I don't mind paying for quality and features and that custom bag seems to hit the mark. I'm just trying to justify the price for how little I need the bag. I tend to store it in my house and don't tend to travel long distances with it. It's likely still worth it, but it's hard to part with the cash.

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