Off road electric skateboard (evolve, epic, Baja board) vs onewheel

  • First let me say nothing will ever replace a Onewheel. Ever.

    Onewheels are magical!

    I don't even care to own a regular electric skateboard because I'm drawn so much to off road stuff. I want to be able to go off road when I want and over all the bumps, water, sand, dirt, mud, and tall grass possible.

    With that said, no one has created a reliable off road electric skateboard.

    Evolve has connection issues.

    Epic probably has connection issues and is all sourced in China as far as I know.

    Baja board is probably legit, but it cost 4K. It's a little too much for me.

    Trampa has some that are probably good, but you'll still have to learn to build your own board.

    Sometimes, I want to be on 4 wheels instead of just 1 for cruising and want longer range.

    Has anyone tried an off road electric skateboad?

    Have you tried it and compared it to a onewheel off road?

    Would love to hear anyone's thoughts here and suggestions.

  • I had an evolve gt carbon all terrain. I never had connection issue and tried off-road several time, but I've always been afraid to damage it. It's not built like a tank or the OW :-P but it's less tiring and have 25km range with AT wheels :-)

  • @zonk117

    Well, you said it pretty well why I always go with OW instead of e board.

    I almost pulled the trigger on Evolve AT but the connection issue concerned me.

    Then again, if it's wireless, it's prone to interference.
    Seems the case with other boards as well.

    10 years ago, I went with 50 lbs e-Glide because it was cabled and didn't regret it.
    Had a blast with it for few years until the lighter ones started coming out.

    AT board may be good on gravel but grass, I suspect it'll be pretty hungry for juice.

    Beside Onewheel, I take my Metroboard out and love it.
    He upgraded the remote to RF and it's solid.
    The owner of the company is very hands-on and each board is built to order in Seattle.
    Initially he used IR remote because of connection issues with other boards.
    The IR did okay but still had occasional interference.
    That's why he changed to RF.

    I heard he'll be coming up with AT and I'm looking forward to it.

  • @Tartopom

    Which evolve generation do you have?

    1st and 2nd were good think, but this 3rd one had problems.

  • @sonny123

    Yep, metro is building an off road. He said to check back "very soon."

    Anyways, would you recommend dropping 1200 on an eglide in today's world of eboards?

    I can tell they are reliable, but that weight man... that could be awful in the wrong situation and then just getting inside the house to charge that thing seems like an absolute pain.

  • @zonk117 I had the carbon gen 1.5 and the first batch of the new carbon gt. Both were flawless about connection. I had other issues related to quality but not about connection.

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