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    I took the advice of another user and searched Amazon for camera equipment bags, and stumbled across this. It's perfectly sized and it's all that I need to take my OneWheel with me when traveling away from school. It comes with some foam padding, so I rolled that stuff up and duct taped it just so it keeps the board on one position, and creates a small compartment for the charger brick.
    I would have loved to have had the OnePenny bag, but costing 5 times as much as this, for what little I will be using it, was unnecessary. This Neewer bag isn't as protective, cool, or ergonomic, but it is affordable. And for a college student, well, you know...

  • Great find!

  • @sean929
    This is a great option. Thank you...

  • This is a great find and i wanted to get involved as you raised the topic of cost. I have to be honest the cost of the bags I produce is the one thing that I wish I could change immediately but the production team I use are manufacturers of one off camera equipment kit bags that take care of equipment that costs tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds, their understanding of building bags that look after valuable equipment is second to none.

    With them as my team and every single One Penny bag or Half Penny Backpack being individually hand made by them this bespoke production method costs as you mentioned up to 5 times more.

    But as I've replied to other cost related bag topics on this forum before I hold steadfast to this thought 'you get what you pay for' and with my bags it's premium materials throughout, kit bags designed by me who rides and loves the OW like you all. I understand the need of functionality and durability and both of these are at the core of all my tailored Onewheel equipment

    That said I have listened intently to the constructive feedback and right now I am working on bringing production costs down by designing a newer line of bags that will be more cost effective. I've also been in contact with a number of retailers in the states that stock OW who have all shown an interest in retailing my bags and handles so all I can say is watch this space

  • I wonder if you couldn't use some of this foam, like they have in pelican cases with this or some of the more rigid bags that have been discussed on the forum. Amazon link below:

    pre-scored foam block insert

    alt text

  • I found a duffel bag on Ebay that works well for $11.

  • @dalisdair are you holding out on us? Haha jk, any link to the duffel you have?

  • @faskev

    I'm sorry, I don't know where I came up with $11. It looks like I paid $18.99 with free shipping.

    I bought it to take in and out of a downtown high-rise to be discreet, but I stopped using it. I just squeeze in among the suits wearing a full-face helmet and toting the OneWheel.

    The canvas is heavy enough, but I wish it were double stitched.

  • @sean929 Very nice bag! Looks like the Onewheel fits perfectly. It's on EBay for $49.99 with Free Shipping!

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