Onewheel shown in video for CNN article

  • Unfortunately the article is about "hoverboards" and how they are now "illegal" in New York. Not a lot of meat in the article though. I sure hope legislation/laws catch up soon, i hate seeing this sort of thing.

    We all need to be responsible riders of our onewheels!

  • @callenj357 Hopefully these laws are only tentative until they figure out how to better classify and integrate such technology into every day society. I would hate to see illegality of such positive potential set a precedent.... cause Onewheels are here to stay. Just imagine the anarchy and riots that would erupt in the streets if they tried to take our Onewheels? That's like clipping a bird's wings after it has tasted the freedom of flying.

  • I don't get the legislation/regulation over the "hover boards". Who are they harming? What great menace do they pose to society (other than offending some people's sensibilities) to necessitate legislation?

  • It's no different then a human powered bicycle or skateboard.. This law is ridiculous

  • Casey Neistat's latest video destroys this new "law" against hoverboards. Police do not care about hoverboards; absolutely no chance this will be enforced.

  • @uncbeast5 Yeah, I think you're right... I've seen a guy on a powered scooter flying down the sidewalk in downtown Pasadena with no issues.

    But I don't really agree with @njcustom that a OneWheel is just like a skateboard. We actually have to hope the police DON'T see it that way, considering skateboarding is illegal on most sidewalks, and those laws are pretty strictly enforced in high-traffic areas. That's because when someone is on a skateboard on the sidewalk and trying out a new trick, the board can shoot out from under them and take out some ankles of innocent bystanders. Then come the lawsuits. But the OneWheel is a lot more controllable, doesn't shoot out when someone falls off, and is usually being used to just ride, not to try out some new trick off the rails of a staircase (usually).

  • @thegreck if I'm on my onewheel or boosted board, I'd much prefer riding in the bike lane or the street than a crowded sidewalk. I don't really think motorized vehicles belong on sidewalks with pedesterian. it's no fun riding slow and dodging pedesterians.

  • @tomtnt Well, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, but I plan to use it for my work commute, and I won't have much choice but to use the sidewalks most of the time.

    But I have to say, this looks pretty fun to me!

  • I'm in Manhattan and on day 2 of riding I have already passed by a large number of police both on the street and in the park. I have yet to be stopped. Knock on wood.

  • Most legislation especially here in Maryland specifies vehicles with 2 or more wheels.

  • It's New York. Everything, at all slightly scary, is illegal in NY. Can't say I'm shocked. :-(

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