Issues at specific speeds

  • Hey all first post,

    Love my OW its great but as I have been progressing Iv started to push the speed.

    Iv been up to 18mph without issue.

    Then today I was riding and at 16mph I felt a vibration and heard a sound. The sound and feel is exactly what you feel and hear when you are nearly stoped and you change direction (switch if you will, or front to back momentum)

    It is specifi to 16mph and I fear there is something wrong. I'm still under warranty but first I wanted to see if anyone else has had this.

    I have ridden on dirty, gravel trails, and have been through puddles.

  • @OW1 that's pushback and it kicks in at the higher limits of the board. You're not going to feel it when you're going slower but you will feel it at higher speeds. It's basically the board warning you that it's reaching its limit. You can push past it, but use caution as it requires more skill and more things can go wrong at that point.

  • I'm set on extreme shaping so it's not the push back I got when I was in the classic (board rising), is thisbjust the motor not being able to keep up?

  • There is pushback in extreme too, but starting around 13mph, then I guess you pass over it and the motor is grumbling because you push him too far :P

  • @OW1 -- can confirm, is pushback. it feels a little different in extreme.

  • Keep fighting the pushback and the next thing you will feel pushing back is the pavement on your face...

    I speak from experience :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL dude your are jokes 不不不

  • @s2kboy
    Well its not like you get any warning to correct. It's instantaneous. there is some pushback, and then WHAM your face is in pavement. It's not like you have a chance to correct your balance.
    YOu are a large ass object in motion and you will stay in motion and that outside force is the Entire earth and it will come crashing down on your face quick. Cause that board, stops and you continue to go 17mph.

  • One thing I've noticed at speed is you can stay in motion with some significant drops or jumps where you lose ground contact, however 2 large bumps or impacts in immediate succession shut down the motor in the same way.

  • It's exactly the same as the redline on your car. When you push the motor to a certain point, it's going to start working too hard, meaning the weird noises. Then the unexpected nosedive occurs as the motor needs to protect itself.

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