Pre-Ordered the OW+. Extremely excited and a bit horrified. What have I done?

  • @mekon said in Pre-Ordered the OW+. Extremely excited and a bit horrified. What have I done?:

    Exactly how difficult is it? Steep learning curve? Harder than a bicycle? Anything I can do to prepare?

    I'm not going to pretend it's a natural sensation. Seconds to learn and a lifetime to master. There's really no experience like it, so there's not much you can do to prepare. It took me a few weeks to build my confidence up with it, so I'd recommend pads (at least wrist guards) and a helmet at least until you get used to it. YOU WILL FALL, and PROBABLY at over 10 mph. Just be prepared and fall gracefully (ragdoll a bit). I have fallen several times and I still want to get right back on it every time. I think the OW+ will definitely be easier to learn on than the V1. I have to echo that you need to set shaping to 'extreme' the second it arrives.

    Yeah.. planning on helmet, pads, guards... also gloves, long pants and along sleeve shirt.

    I stop playing competitive hockey several when I got hit and got a cut over the eye and had to get stitches at the emergency room at 2AM . Next day, I showed up at work for an early morning board meeting looking like I've been in a bar brawl. I still skate for the old guys pickup games now/then but getting hurt when one has a job, career, family, tuition... is no fun.

  • @eelhc yeah, the only times I hurt myself was when I got overconfident and pushed pack against the pushback a little too hard. Frozen vulcanized rubber at 90mph hurts way worse than asphalt at 10. Not to worry, just take her easy and you'll be jamming on this thing in no time!

  • @eelhc A balance board is great exercise for the onewheel. Once you master standing still on the onewheel you are ready for riding, carving, stopping as supposed with lifting your foot while standing still. Also an emergency stop is better once you find your balance. So a balance board to kill the waiting time is a good idea.

  • IMPORTANT TIP: Change the mode to EXTREME as soon as you turn it on! Don't be scared of the name, it's just a name. It should be called WON'T KILL YOU, and Classic should be called WILL KILL YOU.


    What is the difference from Extreme and Classic? Does Extreme require more lean to carve so it's "less wobbly"?

    Extreme is MUCH less likely to kill you. The only reason it's called "extreme" is that it will OCCASIONALLY slam up against your undercarriage and pull your gonads into the machinery. Personally, I value my life a lot more than I value my dangly bits, so it seems like a good tradeoff. Definitely not what I would call "extreme."

  • Made the biggest mistake of your life

  • @badcheese I'm wondering if we are giving uninformed advice with shaping 2.0. I tell
    Everyone the same the thing about classic vs extreme, but I just realized that with 2.0 there will probably be big changes to those modes plus any other they are introducing. We shall see. For now the answer is definitely to never ride classic.

  • @eelhc

    One more thing, the tricky part is, how to stop with the OW and disembark ( landing) from the board without being thrown forward or backward. For this, I advise novices to practice several times by holding a poles or a fence with both hands (by lifting the foot of the sensors). It is not so simple, more you will practice, better you'll be.

    You will understand what I mean, when you will stop and try to remove your feet from the board the firsts times. 😤

  • Add me to the list of "excited yet horrified" first time purchasers. I'm 47, relatively athletic yet woefully out of shape currently, but saw this and something made me pull the trigger. The newbie manual is great and good tips on the extreme vs. classic setting. Can't wait for this thing to arrive!

  • Same here, 49. Was debating between boosted and evolve bamboo gt for to commute to work. Rode a co-workers onewheel which felt like had more fun factor than the boards would. The range won't work to commute but does look more fun. Plus I have a couple teenage boys I think will enjoy this more. If I let them touch it, we'll see😁 side benefit I explained the the wife is the exercise for the core, legs, and balance. Win-win.

  • @Eliminator as a 46 year-old who rides with both younger and older OW riders, you and @e-ball are right there in the sweet spot. With your backgrounds you'll be carving it up in no time. The biggest issue for me was coming to terms with the fact that OW injuries take my old body longer to heal than when I was a youngster, and all that means is that I wear pads. You're gonna love this thing.

  • @eelhc A lot of hope for your Onewheel career.
    I am 52 and my background looks like your background.

    After three weeks , with my new Onewheel, I dicided to make a video around my place in Hawaii.

    You can see it on YouTube:

  • @Norm nice video! Really getting itchy for mine to arrive now...I've been "practicing" by standing on a balance board all day at work!

  • @eelhc Only thing to fear is your future lack of free time.

  • @eelhc just like you middle age feel more athletic than my buddies, I kiteboard, foilboard, and wake surf. Tried a golfboard on a trip and it blew me away. So I preordered a OW- + today. One guy had one out at the lake earlier this year and broke his leg another guy his shoulder so I am excited but nervous as well. Thanks for the all the newbie information from the other guys.

  • @groovyruvy We will get injured indeed, when falling. But I'd add that those injuries heal faster thanks to us riding the OW (when we're not falling). The riding keeps our bodies younger in a very peculiar way that few other boards or even sports can. It's one of the benefits of riding the OW that is not talked about much yet but that is certainly there.
    I know this may sound weird: OW-ing keeps our bodies younger, but what is the deal if it also causes us to get hurt?
    No-brainer to me (assuming injuries remain within reason)..

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