"Onewheel Guy": Local Celebrity

  • I gotta say, one of my favorite parts about riding Onewheel is that everyone wants to be my friend//say they know me. My barber always smiles and says "where's your wheel?" if I'm not riding it (which is only during the winter). The owner of Stella's diner down the street from me says he talks to customers about me all the time. I've even been noticed in the street when just walking to dinner with friends! "Onewheel guy" seems like the common term lol.
    Who else feels they have become a local celebrity in their area? I guess when you ride your board in the street in a city like Chicago you're bound to draw some attention: https://www.instagram.com/p/BPixnQ-BIC6/?taken-by=slydogstroh&hl=en

  • Everywhere I go I get looks and questions..

  • I get the same thing, kids yelling onewheel isn't uncommon, the most asked question is if I made it... I wonder if that will change when i get the plus!!!

  • @OffRoadOW It's gotten out of control man! haha. My co-workers told me they overheard a group talking about me on the train last week. I work with 5 people out of all of Chicago! Crazy. And you're right, kids seem to be familiar with what Onewheel is now.. maybe as a result of Casey Neistat/shonduras or Youtube in general. I had a girl go "Mom, I've always wanted a Onewheel!" yesterday.
    Anyway, my goal for the summer is to grow our local Chi ride group and get more people onboard with seeing OW as a reliable commute vehicle and epic fun board hobby that it is. This is no hoverboard toy!

  • @slydogstroh I ride in Chicago everyday (look for the red helmet and green snowboard jacket) give me a shout I never see anyone. I rode all summer too, lol.

  • @tony420121 This summer is gonna be LIT! :D We'll definitely meet up and ride soon! Watch us bump into each other on the street one day instead haha

  • @slydogstroh There is a another Chicago guy to on the Chicago onewheel group that rides a lot as well think his name is Andrew

  • @enjoi408 LOL! Tony just proved my point. When you get in 20mi a day on this thing it's easy for people to see you everywhere.... Especially in a city like Chicago!

  • @slydogstroh Hey are you going to change your tire yourself or send it in? Was just curious I have not had to yet but was wondering if your going to do it yourself.

  • @slydogstroh I feel like a crusader that should be wearing a cape. People yell words of encouragement or drive slowly alongside asking questions. Usually going too fast for pedestrian questions.

  • @slydogstroh All of your points are spot on regarding my own experience here in Orlando. Pedestrian speed, people look and other people stop walking and step to the side when I am 20 feet away. Moving faster, people smile, people stop me to ask me about it, people tell me they have seen me weeks before they have talked to me, one girl said she sees me everyday. I met a group of about 10 people at a bar as I was going by and one guy offered me a beer which I accepted. I sat with them and the one girl invited her friend through text to come join us because she said that her friend would like me. I woke up late for a brunch date with her last Sunday(26th) and asked for a retake to which she replied, yeaa we can do a retake. I've stopped and sat with a couple other smaller groups, A straight girl with a lesbian couple bought me a PBR http://www.wallpaperup.com/400192/PABST_BLUE_RIBBON_BEER_alcohol_(20).html


    One of the lesbians gave me her Jameson pickle back shot

  • @slydogstroh I am some what a of a local celebrity for riding my eskates around Atlanta especially since my dog rides with me a lot of the time. (see my instagrams) However the eskates are all of the 4 wheeled variety as I am still waiting on my OW+. I do have a plan for taking my dog with me when riding the Onewheel, but I will just have to wait to see how it works.

    I was getting hassled by some rent a cops on the mall property the other day because "they don't allow skateboards" on the property. I was trying to explain to them the law actually considers electric skateboards a bike as it is used for transportation and I wasn't going to be grinding rails or anything. As I am discussing this with the two rent a cops, an Atlanta PD car rolls up and was like "hey man, are you the guy I seeing going up and down Peachtree?" Me: "Yeah that is me." APD to the Rent a Cops: "This guy is awesome! I see him riding in a suit up and down the street all the time. He also rides with his dog on the board too." The rent a cops at this point completely changed their tone and basically just let me carry on my way. Pretty cool considering I was about 10 miles from where I normally ride.

    On that note, do you all get hassled for riding Onewheels around? Every time I try to explain to rent a cops that though this is a skateboard the law considers it a bike since it is used for transportation rather than just play, they all give the same argument. 'It has 4 wheels and a deck therefore it is a skateboard.' This argument obviously wouldn't work for a Onewheel. Anyways I am just curious what sort flak Onewheelers run into?

  • @goodblake-eskate security guards hassle sometime, but every time I run into an actual LEO, they are always super cool.

  • @goodblake-eskate Depends. I've been kicked out of a spot for hitting a drop in front of a business building downtown before, but in that case I was doing "tricks". I've never had a problem riding in the streets like a biker though. Cops love it, they just remind me to ride safe.
    It's funny because just a few hours ago on Lunch break the local security guard at the Bank of America saw my backside 180 to switch 180 move when coming up to the red light at State and Adams downtown. I've talked to this guy a few times on my way in and out of the bank, but this was the first time he saw me really doing my thing in the street. It was a great moment, he was so stoked and yelled "get it!" haha! I waved and cruised on :)

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