import fees

  • @rainynite that's crazy. Again I don't need one that bad lol.. Might be cheaper to fly to California and pick one up

  • The shipping to Canada is US$300, which is like CA$400 right now. This seems like a ton, but I just emailed them to get confirmation if this includes customs brokerage and taxes. In BC here I'm going to have to pay 15% PST+GST anyway, so that's US$224.85 on US$1499. If they do include the taxes, then the shipping component is only $75-ish, which is okay.

    If they don't cover the taxes, then I'll take the cheaper inside-US shipping option, and get it delivered to a mail service over the border in Washington state, and go pick it up and pay the taxes when I bring it home. I'm planning on CA$2400 all in.

  • An update to my last post... FW confirmed that the US$300 does not include taxes and duties. So if you can get it shipped to a US address and go pick it up, you could save a few hundred bucks.

  • Apparently these guys have OWs in stock in Canada. A friend was at the boat show in Vancouver the other day and saw they had a pile of them.

  • I just called them and they basically charge the same all in costs as getting it shipped, but of course the benefit is that it's close to Vancouver and therefore don't need to wait 12 weeks.

    Thinking of getting one for my son. ..

  • just called them and bought one. They said they have quite a few in stock and are just trying to get the word out.

  • I got mine @ Western Canoe Kayak ;) I hear they will even ship for free most places in Canada.

    Get some One Wheel in your life!

  • Sounds like we have a contingent of Vancouverites... Once the weather gets better anyone up for a meetup?

  • @rainynite giddy up. I am going to pick mine up tomorrow. Cant wait.

  • @jcmaros awesome. Take some time to practice and soon you'll be flying. It was raining when I got mine so I practiced doing figure-8s in a school covered area. Just don't forget the protective gear. Saved my head and wrists so far.

  • This is awesome you Vancouver guys can just go and get one. I think I'm the only one in Victoria. I had to wait 10 weeks to get mine. I'd like to meet up some time on at trip to Van.

    It's not as good riding in the rain eh? I do it in gumboots, but don't get the same foot-board connection feeling. Also, the gravel and grit piles up under my front foot. I don't have a fender, but I think it would tend to clog up with grit.

  • @rainynite Funny you say that because that is exactly what I did. It was awesome

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