Nose lifting, rendering onewheel useless?

  • Just noticed an issue today.
    I was going for a cruise and got to about 20%. Confirmed via onewheel buddy and onewheel app.
    The nose of my board randomly lifted to the point my back was about to drag. No regenerative braking and no way to accelerate. Once i got off, the motor shut off. No error codes, no unusual light flashing, no nothing. Turned the wheel off, on again- same thing. 5 times in a row.
    The battery wasn't overcharged, but i had no low battery warnings either. What's going on?
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help.

  • The long answer has been posted many times but the short answer is leave it plugged in charging for 48 hours to balance bttery.

  • @wr420 Do you know what this would be called, so i can find it in the forums? I would be surprised because i always run the battery down to 5%, and allow it to recharge overnight until about noon so the batteries can balance (in the manual).

  • Sorry we are having a party and people were just showing up earier.
    It's the way the OW measure the battery pack voltage. It measures one cel and them multiplies the voltage of that cel by the number of cels to detirmine the total pack voltage. If the one cel that the OW is measuring is higher then the rest it will give you a falsly high reading for the pack voltage. By balancing the pack you will make all the cels the same voltage so the measuring of that one cel will be fractionally more respresentive of the total pack voltage. To balance the pack just charge as normal and once its done with the initial charge and the charger light turns green it will begin balancing. If you have OWbuddy or P0wheel app (Future Motion app does not do this)you can see the individual cel voltages to get an idea of how far they are off.

  • I think it needs to be left on the charger for around 48 hours to complete a balance if it's really bad. This seems to take care of most issues like what you described. If that does not fix it then I don't know.

  • @wr420 Thank you so much for taking the time to write that. I'll leave it plugged in for a bit longer, and try again. You've been a great help- thanks again!

  • One time this happened to me.. I went off a high curb and a split second later the board slowly tilted the tail down.. I thought to my self WTF .. turned it off and back on and it was never did it again either.. I think the gyro/s got confused or something from the bounce off the curb.. you should absolutely contact future motion

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