Upgraded waterproofing/reduced weight.

  • I realize that this forum is filled with hypothetical ideas which are impossible to manufacture, but i have a neat idea. I'll break it down-
    Redesigned footpads:
    Let's face it, wood is really nice. On the other hand- it is heavy and not cheap to make. Making the footpads out of the same material as the new fender would make them tougher, cheaper, and lighter. Then you'd be able to have a mold for mass production of footpads! Also, it would be much tougher when exposed to water.

    Everyone wants more battery life, but how about a unique battery removal system. You can make a battery with a reinforced underside, and a 'hole' in the onewheel where the battery fits in. It can pop in, and come out with a spring loaded lever. Even better- you could overlap the battery and the onewheel, and have a gasket on the battery lip in order to make a seal to protect the connector.

    It seems as though waterproofing is a pretty debated topic at the moment. Many want to ride it in water, but are scared. You could take advantage of the plastic foot pads, and seal the controller/battery compartments underneath the plastic footpad with a gasket. That means it's easy to do repairs and collect data by removing the footpads (which infact wouldn't warp with water/or moisture).

    Im all about the wood footpads, but i see a lot of potential with other materials. Just please don't go cheap on the plastic, as that's the big mistake many companies choose.

  • Seems like you have a good, practical idea.

  • @shaka-wheeler I agree the footpad progression shouldn't stop at wood. However wood is actually cheap compared to machinable plastics, 3D printing, carbon fiber, and ultimately the footpads or deck is going to see excessive wear and need to be replaced weather it's wood, plastic, etc. Injection molding plastic could be economical once the prototype has been fully tweaked. I am experimenting with concepts involving recycled car tire or cast rubber. Even these will eventually need to be replaced. You can see how fast the plastic bumpers start to diminish. Wood actually is a really economical solution for prototyping and production, and it is desirable because of its flex patterns, and it's visual and tactile apeal. I think this is why boarding has for so long inherently involved boards of wood. The thing about the widebody deck I'm developing that I can't pull myself away from is the feeling that Im on a board instead of two skinny aluminum rails and some plastic housings and plywood squares for torsional rigidity. The widebody feels more stiff and uniform under foot and while landing drops. It eliminates squeaks and ties everything together into one predictable shape. I can't see going back to looking down at metal rails and such. Skateboarding hasn't made a critical mass shift from wood. Surfing started on wood and in some communities is going back to it. I'm not opposed to any mixed media with respect to the evolution of footpads or OW decks it's just that there is something in our DNA that feels at home on a board of wood and I doubt it will go away anytime soon. One of my prototypes was coated in black bed liner. I road it for 6 months and it's now on my backup board. When I recently switched to a natural finished proto with Cyprus rails the riding experience was totally different. It felt really magical to be riding around on a digitally powered wooden surf-sculpture. The juxtaposition of ancient material housing Roswell technology is at times overwhelming😵. All to say there are all kinds of boarding preferences and to each his/her own. The beauty of the surfing landscape is the diversity of shapes, styles, and approaches you see chasing the wave🌊➖🌎➖🌊. There should never be some kind of monocultural establishment telling us how or what to surf.

  • @ashewheeler Do you build onewheels? Sounds like you have tons of prototypes!!

  • @ashewheeler said in Upgraded waterproofing/reduced weight.:


    Go Ashewheeler, nice work...for a long time allready..!!:)...I really like the wooden decks beCause they link back to skateboard designs and my childhood..I owned some clones which had plastic all over...but like in cars plastics usualy give a cheap feel...I think the OW with the brushed blue aluminium and maple layered decks looks like a real quality product out of the boardsport world

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