Mode for best battery life? Extreme or elevated?

  • Which mode will give you the bets battery life?

    I could care less about classic, but I was curious if there was a slight difference in extreme and elevated.

    Like maybe elevated takes more power to use?

    Maybe elevated gives you slightly better regenerative breaking though?

    Has anyone tested this? Noticed a difference? Or care lot give you opinion.

    Som other ppl were wondering about it here too:

    Re: Elevated Mode Battery Benefit?

  • My guess elevated uses slightly more juice.
    At one time, I used elevated all the time and enjoyed the pumping on acceleration.
    I think that initial constant take off might use more power.
    Then I went back to extreme as I prefer leveled board.
    I suspect the difference is very little.

    I'd like to test max range on going straight vs. constant carving to see if carving does extend range and by how much.

    By Spring I'll be testing it at Floyd Bennet field. it's an airport turned Park with huge runways.

  • Air pressure will affect your mileage alot..

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