First major snowstorm in Wisconsin.

  • Gotta admit that even though we have had a real nice fall, I've been a little too busy to ride given my workload and daylight savings making every night dark and cool. Today we have snow and I did test onewheel in the snow. Riding out from the garage into the snow I was surprised how well it went through the snow and slush. Going down my driveway was easy but I did a little brake slide towards the end and I was off. The problem then was getting back on. My shoes now had snow on the bottom and I couldn't easily put my non sensor foot in the middle of the pad while stepping on the sensor with the other. After a few tries my grip tape was caked with snow making it impossible to get on. Took it to the garage and brushed off the snow for another try. This time same thing. Great while it lasted but after coming off I couldn't get back on. Also my driveway has a slight incline and the reason I was off was because I was going up and the wheel started slipping forward. In full disclosure I was riding over a few inches of slush and snow.

    Either way I decided it was time to move the board to my basement, which is around 2.5k sq feet, for drying out and storage. What I didn't expect is what a blast it's been to ride down there. Kids toys are crazy obstacles and riding 15mph towards a brick wall is crazy. Good thing the regenerative breaks work so well.

  • it actually rides quite nicely in dry snow, but yeah, get your feet or the wheel wet and you're done

    from CO

  • Funny, I was thinking of buying a rain tire, which has treads for off road and snow..

  • @parrothd don't because future motion will have to install it.. The board needs to be recalibrated after you install a tire

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