Screw bindings on OW+ ?

  • The weight of the onewheel would make it hard to jump with and maintain balance. 25 pounds attaching your feet together during an accident sounds painful.....maybe if they were break away...

  • Erm... no!

    I mean, good luck trying, but a nose dive may send your head straight into the ground if you couldn't get free.

    People have jumped 2+ foot drop offs and jumps with current Onewheel... Personally i think bindings are just an accident waiting to happen.

  • Only thing I can think of is we don't KNOW FOR SURE how the new sensors work. If they are a similar design to the V1 sensors putting screws through the sensor COULD short the sensors and cause the board to think there is always some one on it. You could probably get away with it on the only V1 style sensors but with the OW+ sensors covering the entire pad and us not knowing exactly what tech is used makes it hard to guess.

  • Thanks for all your reply!

    So the nosedive seems to be the big issue here. I wasn't very afraid of it as in snowboard we are used to be one with the board even when we fall.

    I have a custom homemade binding in mind with proximity sensor to unleash them in case of nosediving, I think it will do the trick. Big issue here will be the sensor of the OW+: it's currently unknown where and how they get the pressure information. I also have in mind a binding type that is fixed on the metal part of the board but the sensation would be quite different while carving...

    One thing is sure, if I ride a OW I'll do it with some binding to get fast and jump above things off-road.

  • What if you used those same bindings, but turned around 180º?
    Then in the case of a nosedive you could just take your feet away to the front instinctively.

  • Being attached to a snowboard and falling in the snow is very different than nosediving into asphalt with a 25lb weight attached to your feet. Bad idea. Like others have said, jumping off curbs and ledges is already possible on the OW without bindings, and it's a lot safer to be able to hop off if you don't nail it.

  • @thegreck he's not yet a OW owner, maybe never ridden one. If he pulls the trigger, I think he'll find out it's a serious danger. Either that, or maybe he'll be the Evel Knievel of Onewheeling!

  • @groovyruvy

    Riding the Onewheel wearing an Evel Knievel costume would be hilarious.

  • @groovyruvy There's your Halloween costume right there.

  • @Jeff said in Screw bindings on OW+ ?:

    I have a custom homemade binding in mind with proximity sensor to unleash them in case of nosediving, I think it will do the trick.

    Do you have a pic or link by any chance? Sounds interesting.

  • @dalisdair Challenge accepted!

    @wr420 I would make it by myself. I have all I need to build some with Arduino with something like a seat belt closing that would release if my proximity sensor is too close of ground in case of nosedive.

    Maybe it's useless to run with bindings, maybe it will open new possibilities, maybe I'll just fly and crash myself on the ground! There is only one way to discover ^^

  • I agree with others about the downside of being clipped in. That said, I ride mountain bikes in Utah and we ride clipped in all the time (ironically called "clipless"). Have you looked at the clips that road and mountain bikers use? They are designed to "release" in the case of an accident. Not 100%, but in 10+ years of mountain biking, I have only not had them release once or twice when needed.

    Something like this ..

  • Just as an example... yesterday at about 18mph+ I hit a big smooth hole is the road.. I totally didn't see or expect it... and when you hit those kind of things at that speed you kind of micro jump off the board when going though it to ride it out... being clipped in just wont give you that kind of freedom..

    If you do test riding within any sort of bindings please do wear a helmet, as you could falls in 100's of ways that's just not possible when you're able to jump of the board in 1/10 of a second as required.. I'm pretty sure yesterday with bindings i would have fallen hitting the back of my head hard.

  • I was taught to ride by a great guy called Oliver. The word I always heard was eject yourself. If this or that happens, eject yourself.
    The onewheel ride is supposed to be loose. You're suppose to be free from the board. It's all about being free.
    Snowboards lock you down as you get lots of air, agressive angles, and snow that bites. On the other perspective you're landing on a soft material. (Even packed snow is soft compared to parking lot).
    I think your best bet is to understand the board, and understand the free/loose onewheel feeling. It's not about the precise movements, it's about going with the flow.
    If your wheel looses traction/nose dives, or anything in between- it's going to transfer that 12-18MPH straight into your body, and smack you on the ground like a whip.
    I don't like the sound of that, and i hope you don't either...

  • Don't do it

  • Before your onewheel arrives- try this...take a 15 pound weight and duct tape it to your back foot, now take a 10 pound weight and duct tape it to your front foot. Finally tape your legs together as if you were locked in to a snowboard. Now jump as high as you can and you decide if the risk is worth the reward. My vote is no, I bought the OW because I love snowboarding but you definitely don't want to be locked in.

  • Ignoring the whole issue of what type of damage being strapped in on a nosedive would do to your hands/wrists/head/face, I think bindings would encourage you to ride more aggressively than the OW can handle. The torque and self-balancing ability just aren't at a level where bindings are necessary. You'd be dragging one end or the other in the ground trying to muscle the OW around, waiting for the motor to catch up with whatever you're trying to do.

    That being said, I think using some long-board equipment would be a good middle-ground, toe holds, foot stops etc... I put some aluminum foot-stops on mine and it made a noticeable difference in how "attached" I felt to the OW. Also concave foot-pads make a huge difference, at the moment there's really no easy way to do it other than grinding out the concavity with a CNC machine or an angle grinder like I did.

    alt text

  • Came across this video, looks like they have some sort of foot holding bindings:

  • @No Ok now i'm jealous of your board. Mine is murdered out but that right there looks Mad Max to me which is something i want to do to mine in time, Dude, add a squirrel skull or teeth to the front of it or a fur mohawk on the fender please. Thant would be so cool.

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