• So...

    Recently i've been riding switch in very short bursts, when I do a 180 into switch obviously the sensor becomes situated at the rear of the OW and not the front, I've read ppl saying more chance of nosedive etc with prolonged riding with the senor at the back. What do YOU do when riding switch for more than say 50 yards, do you trust in the board or do you ride switch with the sensor in the front, ie physically dismount and change footing.

    I'd be interested in other ppl's riding styles.

    Thanks :)

  • @Pogson6 I don't think you have anything to worry about, as long as you're on the sensors. I rode the OW with the sensors in the back for over a month, and while the tilt is slightly different than riding the 'right way', I never had any issues. I posted long ago about how it changes the angle when you ride the board backward, which I discovered by riding long distances switch.

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