16mph Pushback Motor Noise

  • I'm so stoked with my onewheel, just got a question to understand it better.

    When i hit pushback at 16mph, anytime i lean forward the motor makes kind of a clunking noise. It's low pitch, almost like clicking. Not sure what it is, but is it normal? The noise is pretty loud, and i can feel it under my feet

  • A little while ago mine started making noise intermittently under heavy load (acceleration or deceleration). After I had worked on it it seemed to go away. I think the motor just needed to be re-seated.
    Next time it starts making noise I'll try loosening all 4 large hex screws around the axle and then re-tightening them.

  • It's normal

  • Normal... At 15mph+ you have to be so much smoother with gaining speed and just in general.. remember this is sefl balancing so has to speed up/slow down to correct you.. at slower speed this is less noticeable but it's doing more correcting at higher speeds...

    Flow like water my friend ;)

  • @Zen.Potatoes Ah i see. You gotta make much smaller movements so your motor isn't going ham to keep up.

  • Ta.... just to say... this is just my theory based on observation, but being smooth def plays a part when trying to gain speed beyond 16+mph.... but this of course wont be the cause of all motor noise/chatter..

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